Viktor the All-Knowing


Welcome to the Madness family,  we love all the new faces

If you don’t know me, you will.

They call me Viktor The All-Knowning

I help Ms. Scribe and Muse control the chaos that inhabit the Creativity Forest

The Scribe 2

And sometimes I will take you on a hell of a ride through this Madness.

So far I’ve signed up for October Madness 2016 since I did such a good job last year.

So be prepared to be introduced to some of the Forest’s demented, though fun, souls.

Since I am All-Knowing, I will be here to answer your questions pertaining to the Madness family.

Think of me as your guide, but not your protector.

The creatures here love to nibble and I don’t stand in the way unless Ms. Scribe insists.

Delight in scrolling through their stories and other posts we have here.

We do hope you have fun.

We do hope you stay alive.

We do hope you Embrace the Madness.


Speak with Light.

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