Ms. Scribe

Madness Final

Wanna know more about me?

Who am I?

I am one of the magical vessel, who helps character spirits spill their darkest secrets and let their stories be heard.  They call me Ms. Scribe, my given name is Quanisha.

I love long walks through my Creativity forest with werewolf pups, butterflies, and the shadows of the unknown.

I cannot be categorized by either Light or Darkness and neither can my Madness family; we flow, as life does, through both.

I have been writing outside of school for ten years and fiction writing for at least seven.  My Wattpad has a lot of my old starting out work.

This blog is an outlet for the many stories I have been gifted from my character spirits.  I know soon I’ll have a novel for you to sink your teeth into.

Until then, enjoy reading stories here.

A few Random Things I love:

The words Dreams and Moonbeams.


Polar bears.

Horror/Thriller movies.


Reading (duh).

Writing (double duh).


Paranormal Romance.



To sum it up, I create Fantasy Worlds & sometimes live in yours. My characters have come to play.   Welcome to the Madness family.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions.

Psychotic Writer




Speak with Light.

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