Fated Paranoia

This was one of the writing prompts started in 2016 and never finished and since I’m clearing my drafts, I decided to finish this and post it.  Enjoy the first writing of 2017.

“It’s okay,” he said, wrapping his arms around her as she shook with terror.

“It’s over now.”

“No, it’s not,” She whispered back, her grey eyes wide and her lithe body shook.

“It hasn’t even begun.”

My breathing stuttered and I waited for Lennox’s one-liner to come to fruit at this very moment like it did in the movies.  My alpha captured my eyes and his darted to the left signaling me.

I searched the dark room of the motel waiting for something to come crashing from the shadows and the battle of which she spoke of would begin, but minutes turned to hours and nothing. I still couldn’t shake away my tense shoulders.  My ears remained alert to the sounds outside and the pack bonds.

Of course, miss premonition fell into a fitful sleep.  Lennox dreamt while I lay awake pushing through desires to throttle her.

I had had enough.

“Don’t Grey,” Salem, my alpha, warned before I lunged out of the chair.  His eyes glowed with fire through the dark room.

Warning heeded, I cursed and smashed the shot glass on the end table.  I didn’t wince as the whiskey and glass cut into hands.  My hands were already numb, bloody, and swollen from the battle that I thought would end all battles.

I cut my eyes to the seer that slept like a corpse.  Apparently not.  I was getting real tired of fucking fighting.

“Go, send someone else to keep watch, and get some sleep.” Salem commanded.

I growled, shot out the chair, and out the door.  The blinding morning sun angered me more and added to a migraine I carried for days now.

“Mynor you’re needed.” I leveled my voice, showing no outward sign of anger.  It was not their fault.

Mynor rose from the pack of werewolves situated just outside of the motel room.  They waited around our bevy of cars awaiting their next moves.  All bloody and I’m sure with something broken.

Their appearance weighed heavy on me.

He opened his mouth to speak but at my raised brow he shut it.  I rolled my shoulders back and took many deep breaths during the walk to my motel room.

I didn’t want to hurt Lennox, not really, I could never touch her.  I was just so gotdamn pissed and frustrated at the unknown.

I felt someone trailing behind me and once I got into my room I whirled on her.  Penn.

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Gassed and Loaded

Went Pinterest prompt hunting and found this:

writing prompt

Get ready for the transition into Madness.



The frozen lake had finally cracked open after all these frigid years.

But it was not this fact which startled me.

Rather it was the single trail of footsteps that lead out.

If they weren’t bloody footprints, I’d have missed them.

The hatchet in my hands clattered to the ice and I took a small step backward.  At a loss for words, I glanced once more at the crack then at the footprints leading back to my property.

My alarm buzzed in my pocket startling me.  I silenced it sending a scathing look at the reminder TIME TO KICK SOME OTHERWORLDER ASS.

“That bastard lied.” I hissed.  He told me we had more time after the crack.  I had purposely set my alarm 30 minutes before go time so I could wait for the creatures that decided to get too close to my property.

Good thing I had gotten too happy and decided to come even earlier than that.  I looked at the footprints again.



Frozen Lake.

Where the hell was it?


I picked up the hatchet and carefully tracked the footprints.  The storage unit.  Keeping my eye on the unit for any movement I quickly texted Quinn.  He needed to hurry and get his ass over here.

Finished, I patted myself down and took stock of my weaponry.  Not much I could hide in my tactical outfit without fear of being poked by my own poisonous needles.  The only thing of great use hung in scabbards crisscrossed between my chest.  The daggers bought ordered and made with Damascus steel.

I needed more if I decided to go in by myself.   I gathered the duffel bag on the ground and took out the satchel purse.  I carefully placed my throwing knives and needles into the bag.  I twisted the straps so it fit around my waist.

I also took out the sleeping gas canister and mask.  A unique gas that should work on the otherworld.  Or so Quinn said who knew if I could trust his certainty anymore.

Speaking of, I raised the buzzing phone to my eyes.  Still about 15 minutes out.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t wait that long.  It helped that I knew there would be someone on the way if things went differently than what I pictured.

So far I didn’t see any movement from the unit.  Good.  I walked off the ice and followed the steps of the intruder.  Once I got closer to the storage unit I veered left to the back.  There was a security system on the back door.

The system was green as if no one had broken in.

How this being cracked the code, I have no idea but this would be used to my advantage.

For now, I typed in the correct code to unlock everything.

I turned the corner of the shed to the window and slowly opened it.  I threw the gas inside, shut the window, and ran to the back.  I typed in the reversed code and smiled as the doors sealed shut.

Bomb shelter proof.  The sound of everything being sealed inside filled me with excitement.  I didn’t know how long the gas would take so I waited five minutes pacing back and forth.

I would’ve chosen to go hand to hand or use my lovely daggers but I wasn’t stupid.  I didn’t have back up.  So the plan was to incapacitate and then go in for the kill.

I jumped when I heard a screech something that I couldn’t place a name to.  It made goosebumps and the hairs on my arms raise.

I waited a few minutes before disarming the system.  I placed the mask on and entered the foggy unit.

I walked in slowly looking around boxes and cabinets.  Finally, I found the alien.

She sat in fetal position quaking; next to her was a puddle of rainbow-colored vomit.  Her skin glowed pink and her hair glowed white.  She wasn’t asleep though just mildly incapacitated.

Quinn.  I shook my head and pulled out my phone.

“Hey Siri, please set a reminder in five minutes to knife Quinn,”  I shouted before placing the device away.

I turned back to the alien, deciding how I wanted to do this.  Her discolored eyes widened and she held out her hand.  Pleading.  How…idiotic of her.

How many people did the same to her and her kind and they gave no mercy?  I pushed her hand away and dug into the satchel.

“I’m sorry sweetie but I have the world to protect from being like you.”  I tapped the needle and then inserted it into her distended vein.

She twitched a few times before going still.  I stood and dusted my hands off.

“Good job, Alyssa.” I patted my back.

“Thank you, Alyssa.” I smiled.

In correspondence with the buzzing in my pants pocket, came the hum of a vehicle.  I unsheathed my dagger and twisted it in the air.

“Guess you get to be of use today.”



Quanisha A. McGruder

Blood Sister’s Confidentiality

I had been out of the game in writing things other than poetry and journals so went to Pinterest and brought back this prompt.  Enjoy.


“I’m only telling you this because you won’t be able to tell anyone else.” Sari said with her back towards me.


It took me a moment to fully understand what she had said and this pause was a weakness she locked on.  Her auburn hair whipped through the wind when she quickly twisted to me.  Like a fierce predator, her hand shot out and latched onto my own.  With her back turned I hadn’t seen her slice her palm.  Now that I saw the wound, I felt my heart pumping.

Her confidence in her secret being safe wasn’t because we were best friends and she trusted me.  It was because she was about to make sure I didn’t utter a thing.

“No, Sari, stop!” I shouted and yanked at my arm.

Her grip tightened and a dagger appeared in her injured hand.  The athame glittered in the moonlight outlining the streak of blood sliding down.  Her blood.  Mine would be next.  Instead of trying to pull away I put my body weight into her.  Tackling her we crashed onto the sand.

We rolled around the beach in a bid for dominance.  My tulle skirt provided no advantage to her jean clad legs; Sari quickly had me pinned.  I slapped her hands away when they reached for mine again.

“Damn it, Adalyn”

Damn me! “Get off me, Sari.” I growled still slapping her hands.  The dagger flew from her hand onto the white sand next to me.  The dagger in my sight, I didn’t try to call it.  It wasn’t mine.  My command wouldn’t be accepted to my liking.

What to do? My own weapons were in my room. I wasn’t prepared for any of this. I struggled and tried to get my legs free from under her.  When that failed I resorted to fighting dirty.  I reared my arm back and with a little force, punched Sari in the gut.  She bowed over and I pushed her off of me.

I didn’t get two steps before her body embraced me in a hug from hell.  My legs couldn’t support us both and gave out.  Down we went.  Again.

I didn’t have time to breathe before the cool metal slid across my skin of my palm.  Sari clasped her injured hand to mine and squeezed.

Silentium” Sari whispered into the wind. The loud crash of the waves and insect chirp quieted.  The cool breeze turned to warm fast paced winds that circled around us.

“Your lips are sealed, sweet Adalyn.” Without looking I could hear the smile in her voice.

That’s when our conjoined hands began to burn.  My skin felt like fire as the spell wove its way into me.  The pact sealed itself around my throat.  Breathing was hard.  Realizing this, Sari took some of her weight off me.  Spells of silence took forever to seal especially when the receiver wasn’t tolerant.

But the damage was done so I succumbed to the spell.  Once I relaxed I could breathe easier and the spell swooped in.  My tongue was slick with the pact.  It felt gross and totally unnecessary.

“I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone.” I snapped.  Allowed, I finally jerked my hand away.  Sari stood and I rose to my knees.

“Now you can’t.  Blood sister’s confidentiality.” The more she spoke the more I wanted to punch her again.

“Wow, thank you for trusting me with this, best friend for five years” I banded back my braid after patting out the sand from my hair.

I should have expected this from her.  In our early years as newly coven sisters, she ended each secret with a spell.  In my defense, I thought we had grown over her trust issues that had nothing to do with me.

“You never know,” Sari took her wicked dagger to the shore and dipped into the water.

“Know what, that I would blab to the coven about your escapades with that evil disgusting warlock, Travyn thus banning my only friend from the coven!”

Sari raised from the water. “Now when you say it like that, my reaction does sound a little excessive.”

A little! Boiled to the point of no return, I stormed away.  Revenge was only a potion away.

“Love you!” I heard her shout.

“Oh, you are about to feel the love I have for you.”



Quanisha A. McGruder