31 Days…Day Twenty & Twenty-One


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I combined days 20 and 21.

Day Twenty and Twenty-One

20: Use these words in a story: grandfather, photo album, post office, and folder.
21: He or she sees their crush in a library. Describe the incident.


“Harper, Harper.” His name just wouldn’t leave my lips alone. They sizzled and burned for his name again and again. The burning continued to grow as his hands trailed lower. I jumped. My waist was always my tickle spot.

All at once, he pulled away from me. Breathing hard and looking straight into my eyes, he whispered, “What do you want?”

I firmly bit into my lip and looked away. We were surrounded by trees and darkness of the little enclave that rested just behind the school. This was the place where we first locked eyes. It was romantic that this is where we would first kiss.
My cheeks burned hotter than the rest of my body.

Into the sweet night I whispered, “You know what I want.”

I didn’t want to be shy though, I knew what I want and it was about time I asked for it. So I pushed that girl away. I was fierce, brave, and hot. Before he could respond, I answered his question again.

“Both of us undressed, NOW.” I tore my shirt over my head and shook my black curls around.

He lovely lips lifted in his deliciously, crooked smile then reached for the hem of his shirt.

“You’re staring.” The words confused me. Of course I was staring at his…his image blurred slightly. I scrunched my face up.

“You’re staring.” That’s when I noticed the voice sounded female. With that the trees fell away from me and his image jostled until it was no more. I blinked a few times.

“Snap out of it.” My friend bumped my shoulder and I tripped forward effectively ending the wonderful daydream.

I righted myself my cheeks turning pink when I spotted Harper still looking at me. I adverted my eyes this time and licked my lips tasting my strawberry lip gloss; my lips tingled from the daydream. I didn’t dare touch my glasses even though they were sliding down due to my perspiration slick face.

I couldn’t risk going into tunnel daydream vision I had other things to do. It was not something better to do but this assignment had to be typed and turned in by the end of the day. We had two class periods to go before the end of the day.
Hello Procrastination, my name is Ever, I’m sure you remember from last week.

I walked over to the library desk passing right pass the study section where Harper and his friends had situated themselves. I could feel his eyes on me and my bad side made me walk a little straighter.

I tried to work, I really did but the daydream played through my head a thousand and one times. So I let myself slip into it once more. I closed my eyes and I could feel the heat and nearness of his body. His hands roaming down my back made me shiver.


“Yes.” My voice made slick with the lusty liquor of my daydream.

I watched his eyes grow a touch and his brow rose, which wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be surprised, he should be pulling me close. The bookcase focused in behind him reminded me that we were in reality once more. I wasn’t so brave anymore.
I swear my heart stopped, literally stopped. My eyes popped out of my skull and I cleared my throat once, twice before speaking again.

“Hey Harper, what’s up?”

“My…grandma sent me to get you.”

Before this moment I had never heard Harper stutter. I did this. Well the lusty bad Ever did. I couldn’t stop the grin pulling at my lips even if I wanted to.

“Okay.” I started to gather my stuff and when I turned around I noticed he still standing there. Waiting for me? Or not? Full of confusion, I walked past him and he quickly fell into step beside me.

“So,” He started. I’m not good at awkward pauses because I don’t say anything at all to help the situation. So I walked beside him hoping he would break the silence.

“What are your weekend plans?”

Surprise lay on the ground beneath my feet and I tripped over the invisible emotion and it clung to me. I couldn’t believe…was Harper talking to me? Having a conversation with me? Heck yeah, he was.

“Ummm…nothing much. Not much to do here anyway.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” He chuckled and I melted.

Then there was that another awkward silence that had me fidgeting with my glasses.

“Me and a bunch of friends were going to get together at my house just to chill and drink.”

Like a party! My eyes lit up at the prospect.

“You can co-

“There you are Ever.” An old voice drilled into the conversation.

“Catch you later Ever.” Harper winked before walked away.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Inside I wanted to bang my head on the polished wooden desk I leaned upon.


Reluctantly I put on a smile and turned to the librarian. His grandmother’s was a spitting image of Harper. Same blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and tan skin but being a woman and old, she didn’t have his build. His body was a work of artists, baseball did him well.

“Ms. Cross, would you mind dropping this folder off on your way to the post office.”

“I would go but-” Her words faded as I wondered what party Harper was talking about and if he would ask me again. Hopefully this wasn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity that I missed. Please. Please God, let him ask me again. I squeezed my eyes shut.
When a hand closed over my arm I remembered Miss Jules was still talking. I opened my eyes and she gave me the folder and then her voice dropped to a whisper.

“Tell your grandfather I said hi and there’s a note inside these” She said and winked. On Harper it was hot and cute on Miss Jules, it was strange. She handed me a basket of muffins and I took them without question, anything to get away.

“Gross, just gross.” I said under my breath as I walked away.



31 Days Wk 4

Getting into the last of these prompts.


Quanisha A. McGruder


31 Days…Day Nineteen

31 dayz orignal


Day Nineteen: Write an Obituary for a Historical Figure.



You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you!

The quote made me pause.  Tempted, I read it again, slowly absorbing each word as one would enjoy the taste of chocolate.
Eyes wide I proclaimed, “This!”

This was what I needed to read. I dropped the pen and clutched my journal close. I felt like I had been tamed by society’s expectations. I was a college student with no idea about her future and I felt forced to pick something amazing to do. Some career that would show off some of my scholarship earned smarts. I felt confined to the behavior of adulthood even though I was just twenty-one.

These were supposed to be my wild years, my irresponsible years and I was wasting them by living a tame life. And I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t, not anymore. I released the scripted journal.

Don’t let them tame you!

“Don’t you worry,” I patted the quoted paper. “I won’t let them, not anymore.”

I needed my fire back alongside my responsibility. There had to be a balance between the two. A balance between these stacks of assignments and the bottle of hidden vodka.

I had an assignment to write an obituary about an historical figure and I wanted her. Isadora Duncan. Who knew I would find it in the beginning of my journal entry. I jumped out of my bed and ran to my desk. I needed to know more.

Once the room quit spinning from my jolt up, I readied myself on the keyboard. Google search led me further into the life of my inspiration. She was a dancer, of course, I shook my head with a smile on my face.

“What’s more freeing than dancing?” I asked my room.

For a few minutes I endured the longing that Isadora Duncan presented in my heart. Reading of her life, besides the unfortunate accident that caused her death, made me want to get up and do something.

“Screw tame, get ready world for a brand new me…right after this paper is finished.”



Next Tuesday, a combination of Day Twenty and Twenty One.

Wk 3 Prompts


Quanisha A. McGruder

31 Days…Day Eighteen

31 dayz orignal

Day Eighteen: A story set in a ghost town.



The ashes of the dead slowly fell through the cracks of his fingers.  Adelio watched them sift down through the missing wooden floorboard, his thoughts rattled.  He wondered how many of his family was mixed within this dirt.  Were they finally at peace?  Would they ever have peace without a proper burial?

He balanced precariously on the few boards that were not burned or rotting from termites, his memories crashing into this reality, assaulting him from all sides.  The smell of his mother’s gingerbread and sweet potato pies were replaced with smells of decay and smoke.  The memory of traveling to get wood with his father to warm the cabin made his heart clench. The cabin now bores charred holes chilling the air inside with the winter wind outside.

When he shut his eyes he could see his mother smiling brightly from ear to ear while he and brothers ran around her skirts.   A time when he the world seemed to be open to him.  He knew nothing of the prejudices that flowed heavily or that he and his family were different.  Everyone around town looked like him.  It was the norm to go hunt for animals for their blood and normal for children to only move around outside at dusk or blister from the sun.

It wasn’t until they came with their guns blaring into town did he realize something was wrong.   That he figured that his life was anything but normal.   It was also the first he had been recognized with a term other than human.  Animal, monster, they called his mother and father before they raised their guns and fired.

“Adelio,” When he focused back he could see his wife’s beautiful green eyes filled with tears.  He could feel Katina’s soft hands tremble on his face.

“Don’t cry Adelio,”

Only when she wiped his face did he notice the tears that had fallen.  He allowed her to kiss his cheeks gently.  Love in each one of her sweet kisses.  Adelio wrapped his arms around Katina and squeezed her tight to him.

He breathed in her scent and it cleared his head.  Adelio had to get them to safety, staying here in this ghost town was not safe for them.  Not while the hunt was still on for his kind.  He gave her one final squeeze before he let her go.

“I must finish this.” Adelio reached a shaky hand to the items by his feet.  Before he could reach for the candle, Katina did.

We must finish this.”

He paused then nodded.  Adelio walked to a spot where the floorboard had come up and the dirt ground below showed.  With a grunt, he placed the stake into the ground and his wife knelt beside him.  She placed a white candle beside the stake and he sat the flowers next to it.

Katina sniffed, her face covered by the mass of black hair as she dug into his pockets, but he still knew she was crying.  Adelio’s heart hurt to see her cry.

She pulled out the matches and lit one.  She stared entranced at the flame, her green eyes bloodshot and watery.

 Then she drew toward the candle.  The candle’s light covered the room in a slight glow.  She closed her eyes then he did too.


Clearing his throat, he started again, “I pray the pure light of the candles and the flowers guide you all to the afterlife where you will stay free from the negativity of this world.  I promise you we will be okay; I will not fail any of you.”

 “May you finally rest in peace.” Katina murmured then leaned against him.  Her warmth comforted him.

A negative world was his reality now, filled with hate.  Hate for what they didn’t understand.  What he didn’t understand.  He didn’t choose this life or this mutation that made his cells grow and function differently than a normal humans.  Neither did his young ones and they would not be punished for others ignorance.  He wouldn’t allow it.

Adelio had escaped by the quick thinking of his father, he had formed a life.  He was on the run mostly but he had a wife and beautiful children.  He vowed he would do anything to find another place for his family.  He pushed to his feet cradling his wife close.

“Let’s go.”

There was rumored to be a coven a few miles south of this ghost town.  He’d hoped to find any relatives or anyone such as him; the mutated, the abomination, non-human…vampire.




Wk 3 Prompts

31 Days…Day Seventeen

31 dayz orignal

Sorry in advance for any grammar and punctuation mistakes and other mistakes.  I found myself falling back into my perfectionist ways so I decided to finish and publish Day 17 perfect or not or it would continue to hold me back.  So here it is and hope it’s at least a little good.

Day 17: Use Time Travel in a Story


Tonight Zanna found out how loud and how long she could scream.  An ear-popping, glass shattering, five drawn out minute scream.  She also found out how it felt for her heart to fragment into a million pieces.  How it felt to watch your mate take his last breath.

It made her feel dead.  Empty.  Torn apart.  Crazed.

Oh, how she could have gone her entire life without this firsthand knowledge.

“Oh!” She cradled his cool face in her hands, buried her nose into his brown beautiful hair, and wept.

All around her the battle still raged.  In between her gasps and shouts of pain she could hear the collision of swords and bodies.  At least they had pulled the dead to the side out of the way.

“Zanna! What on earth are you doing here?” The male voice paused to catch his breath.

“Hon, you’ll die out here.” The practiced calm way he spoke to her, she would think she was holding a bomb detonator.  She knew she didn’t look good though.  She didn’t feel good either.

“So,” She didn’t look up at Jarrat.  She didn’t tear her eyes from the body in her arms, vowing to never let go.

When she glanced at her soul mate’s closed eyes, shivers worked up and down her spine.

Oh, Tait.  Why would you leave me here all alone?  As one of Odin’s warriors, he had no choice but to fight.  But she didn’t think it would be this soon.  He wasn’t ready.  She wasn’t ready.  Now her worst fear had come true.  She glanced up at Jarrat’s green eyes and he flinched when he met her blue ones.

“I’ve never seen you like this.”

No one had.  She was a leader on every occasion.  She put people in their places on a daily.  Living as the only witch in the Valkyrie Lands, she made sure they knew she was not to be trifled with.  Jarrat was Tait’s best friend and she would never let him speak for her.  She even bossed him around a time or two.

“My strength derived from him.” She confessed as she stared down at his still face.

“My love, my Tait.” She rubbed her hand down his lifeless cheek.

“Listen to me, woman.” Zanna glared up at him and his offensive tone.  His serious expression on a normally playful face then confused Zanna.

“You must act fast.”

Zanna stomach tightened and surprise shown on her face.  The familiarity of his words…where had she heard them before?

Lightening shot from all directions shaking the ground below clearing the fog in her mind and she remembered who spoke those fateful words.  She cried out this time in anger.  Do something.  You must act fast. Oh yeah, she knew who uttered that very warning.  And if Zanna had any say entire matter the witch wouldn’t be uttering anything anymore.

“I need a sword Jarrat.” Zanna held her hand out.  Jarrat deliberated for a second before giving her one of his daggers.

“It’s alright love.  I’ll make this all better.” She placed a kiss on Tait’s head and rose.

*           *           *

“You bitch, you knew.” Zanna kept the dagger pressed against the old hag’s throat.

“You knew he was going to die.  Didn’t you!” The seer didn’t struggle which saved her life.  Zanna was ready for a fight, hoping for a fight.

“I did not foresee exactly that.” The bored tone is what pushed Zanna over the edge.  The gripped the old woman’s greying hair and pushed her toward a caldron.  Inside smoke rose and whatever was inside boiled up.

It was now that the woman started to struggle but it was too late.  Zanna had lost her patience.  Someone was going to pay.

She tightened her grip on the seer’s hair and forced her head underneath the boiling fogging water.  Zanna strength of revenge knew no bounds and she felt no sense of wrongness as she held the seer’s head under, drowning her.  Pissing off a seer was not a smart thing to do, normal right in the head creatures wouldn’t dare.  Zanna figured the worst the seer could do was kill her and she had no problem with that.

Tait would be there waiting for her.  Only when the seer’s grip on Zanna’s fist loosened did Zanna lift the hag’s head from the water.  An assortment of things happened once she removed her head from the water, all momentarily distracting Zanna.

Big boils popped up on the seers face. Some growing bigger and bigger until they exploded.  Zanna pushed the seer backwards from her and took another healthy step away from the seers disgusting features and examined herself.  Thank gods she didn’t get anything on her.

Mind on the task. Zanna looked up to see the seer running towards her black book. Before she could get there Zanna blocked her.  She palmed the dagger and said,

“Are you ready to talk?”

“I can help you.” The seer gasped out holding her oozing face.


Slowly the hag raised her boned finger and pointed to the green vial that sat atop a wooden table.

“Time travel.” She choked out.

*           *           *

Zanna struggled with enormity of what that little vial had allowed her to do.  Even though she had forced the seer to explain what would happen, she still couldn’t believe it had worked.  She had traveled back in time.

Stunned Zanna had watched her past self a few hours the same day she just left.  She had watched herself work hard training some of the gifted Wiccan.  Now that she had a full view of herself and the things around her, she noticed that Tait standing just outside the training arena.  The seer had told her she would not be visible or able to interact with anyone unless she touched herself.

She had also warned her to time it just right because the knowledge she had now, her past self, did not have.   If she jumped the gun and entered her body too soon, she would only have a few moments before she forgot all about Tait’s future death.  Then she’ll would be back to square one, alone and going crazy.

So she waited, watched over herself.  Zanna heart clenched as she watched them make love the last time before he got called to war.  Their love was amazing to watch, she’d cried as she watched them together.  It was beautiful, they were beautiful.

She closed her eyes against the pain of emptiness running haywire through her chest.  Zanna could fix this, she would make this right.  Tait would be in her arms before this night was over.

She spirited to her vanity table and sat down.  When the room quieted Zanna turned back around.  Her past self, slept, sated but Tait, he lay awake gazing at her.  He spent a nearly ten minutes taken in her face with an array of emotions sweeping over his face.  The knock on the door startled her even in spirit form.  Tait face became impassive and he rose from the bed and dressed.  Zanna rose her body shaking with anticipation and fear.

Tait armored up and then went to the door.  When he opened Jarrat stood armored up as well.  Together they left the room, Tait giving her a last longing look.  Zanna wanted to follow but couldn’t leave her body behind.  So she waited knowing that it would take a while before the war began.  She paced, she cursed, and she spun herself in circles.  Anxious and frustrated.

Finally she had enough.  She stalked to the bed and touched her sleeping form smoothing the blonde hair that shutter her from the world.  For a second it felt as if a black hole swallowed her and she was falling.  All too soon it ended and Zanna eyes popped open with a start.  The room spun making her nauseated.  She took a moment to breathe but only a moment.  When she felt she could walk she jumped out of bed.  She strapped herself up with weapons and took her candle and lit it.  She prayed to the great goddesses before leaving.

She ran out of her balcony and glanced out into the darkness.  There just beyond the hilltop was a light.  The war was in full swing.  Taking no time to think she jumped down from her perch.  Her bones jolted as she landed then began racing through the forest behind her home.  The closer she got to the light the louder the war could be heard.  She broke through the clearing not pausing to take in the massive sight in front of her.  She knew her allies and she killed any foe, fighting her way to Tait.  You’ve got a second chance don’t let it pass.

She ran headlong into the war crashing into and fighting anyone who wouldn’t let her through.  When she spotted Tait, she lost her breath.  The urge to run her fingers down his long brown hair and sun kissed skin rose hard.  Zanna resisted.  Well her mind resisted but her body was already on the move.

She watched for his sword then threw herself in his arms.  He jumped and cursed, tightening his arms round her.

“Zanna?!” He bellowed then his arm swept up and around her.  She didn’t turn but heard the familiar groan of death close to her ears from whatever foe he’d slain.  The groan of death that had once flowed from Tait’s mouth.  It took everything in her might not to throw herself in his arms and feel if he was really here and healthy.  She couldn’t…wouldn’t relive that horror of him dying again.

“For Gods sakes woman, get the hell out of here!” He shouted shoving her behind him.  She pushed his arm out of the way.

“Shut it Tait, I’m here to help.” And to save your life.  She pulled herself from his arms and reached for her sword.

She eyed every person on the battlefield, trying to figure out who dealt the death blow to Tait.  In her mind everyone was a suspect, there were no allies.  Odin’s warriors were not the most loyal.  Here the code was more of survival of the fittest.

Tait was one of the more dominant warrior out here.  He was a target.

Suddenly she couldn’t see past Tait’s black tee as he had pushed her out of the way of the fight.  His heat enveloped her from all sides when he barracked her against a tree.  Fight now, kiss later.  Even as she told herself that she found herself gazing at his lips then back to his eyes.  So instead of indulging she squeezed her eyes closed.

“Zanna,” He sighed.  His warm hand caressing down her cheek made her jump.  She came that close to losing him.  Hell, she did lose him.  The emotions rocked her off her equilibrium that she had to grip his shirt to stay balanced.  She opened her eyes and his widened.

“Zanna?! What’s the matter sweetie, talk to me?” His blue eyes bore into her and his arms wrapped around her offering support.


“What the hell is your woman doing here Tait?” Jarrat growled in her direction and she shot him a dirty look.

“Saving your asses” She finally snapped.  Now wasn’t the time to get into the whys and how’s.  Some of which she was starting to forget.

“She’s already here.” Tait silenced Jarrat then gave her a look.  A look that said we’ll talk about it later, but Zanna read it as Thank you for saving my life.

“You’re welcome” She smiled sweetly and he frowned.  Together they turned and faced the enemy.  Bound together forever, your fight is mine to battle through for you. The vows they both had branded on their body focused her.




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And for the whole list of 31 Days of Magic.

This Week’s Prompts:

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31 Days…Day Fifteen

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Another shorty

Day Fifteen:

Write about a stranger you see.  Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.



He came through the door in a rush pushing past the other students in hopes to make it on time.  Today was a big day.  He ran the rest of the way through the college until he ended up at his professor’s door.  Before he entered he smoothed back his brown hair and gulped down mouthfuls of air.  He clutched the index cards in his hand and silently went through the information on his cards without looking at them.

Then he straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

With a shaky hand he turned the nob and placed a practiced smile on his face.




This Weeks prompts:

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