Speak to the Stone


So I’m a big Evanescence and Amy Lee fan so I got the notification of her new video Speak to Me:


I can’t let go
You’re every part of me
The space between is just a dream
You will never be alone

The video is soooo amazing and the song is glorious.  I live for the visuals and the song evokes so many emotions.  And seeing it was written for a movie, I checked out the trailer for Voice from the Stone.

And I’m intrigued by this, it looks like it’s going to be a good thriller movie.  Emilia Clarke is the lead and I, among everyone else, love her.  Me before You was a great movie of hers.

So I’m placing this movie on my To Watch list and this song will be on repeat.




Sweet, Sweet Relief

Horror Prompt

Went to Pinterest and brought back another interesting prompt.

You ready?


That awkward moment when you are digging a hole to hide a body and you find another body.

I paused staring at the decomposing face. I scratch my head at a loss on who this was and why I didn’t remember putting it here.

“Ah well.” I pick the shovel up and place the dead back to rest.

Finished, I readjust the gloves on my hands before picking up the tattered bloody trunk. I take careful slow steps around my property. I take nineteen steps to the left now instead of the right. Nineteen exact steps. It had to be nineteen because this body was lucky number nineteen.

I had four more lucky bodies to go before the complete mind fuck of a movie The Number 23 would escape my brain. That bastard Walter should be glad he’s only a figment in creator’s imagination or he would be number 23. But that was a damn good movie.

Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. With a grunt, I released the heavy load and picked up the shovel. The ground underneath felt soft and moist from yesterday’s rain. This spot will do. I hoped no surprises lay buried beneath because I didn’t have much time to pick another spot before the missing reports started. I reared the shovel back and begin digging a hole. When I had the trunk buried, I smiled up at the cloudy morning sun.

Yeah, after the four maybe then I would be able to sleep. Killing was somewhat soothing. A release of energy. An end. A last sigh of relief.
It seemed to help after watching the movie Room 1408.




Quanisha A. McGruder

My Top 9 Scary/Thriller Movies


Let’s get into it.


1. Annabelle- I saw this last Friday when it came out and I swear this is became my favorite movie. It was everything I could ask for in a scary movie. Annabelle is terrifying and gives my body that push of adrenaline that I crave. I’m definitely planning on seeing it again. Just that good.

2. Insidious chapter 2- I love this one better than the first one although the first one was pretty good. This one turned me into a lover by the plot. Very very good plot and tie in to the first Insidious. Answered every question I had been wondering since the beginning movie. I love when I get those ‘ah ha’ moments in movies as my brain can click things together.

3. The Conjuring- The Conjuring is one of the best horror movies that has a lot of information to learn about the paranormal side of reality.  I learned a lot with this movie and if you weren’t a believer of this kind of stuff in the beginning this movie will make you question that decision.

4. The Prisoners- One of my favorite Thriller movie as of now.  This movie is ridiculously good.  Both Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman are the best actors and the plot of this movie kept my brain thinking.


5. What Lies Beneath- Movie from 2000 and I still love this movie.   I used to watch this every single time it came on.  I think I like this because like The Prisoners it forced me to play the guessing game which I love to do. I also love the paranormal aspect of the ghost.

6. Premonition- I fell in love with this movie and everything about it.  It was an awesome movie that challenged me.  I feel like I went through the whole emotional spectrum with this movie.

7.  Underworld Movies- Ahhh these are my absolute favorite vamp and were movies.  I love Kate Beckinsale and her badass ways in this movie.



8. Nightmare on Elm Street Movies- Dreams are my thing so having a monster/villain who preyed on you in your dreams was enough to give me chills.  I loved mostly all the movies made with Freddy.  I remember watching this at a young age and watching all of them.  I was never truly scared but the concept was original and great.

9. Halloween Movies- There have been countless movies out with these series of movies and I have loved every single one (I take that back, Halloween Three did not make sense to me.)  Anyway, Halloween is a classic just like Nightmare on Elm street, can’t beat the classics.



There are more movies that I could go on and on about, it was hard making this list because there are so many horror/thriller ones that I like.  Plus I usually forget all the movies I’ve watched so I couldn’t remember them all.

There’s still time to add new ones to my favorites list this October. Ouija and Dracula are my next movies I’m hoping to go see.  I’m really excited that they are making more scary movies.  Also, Insidious chapter 3 too next year. Get ready and get excited people!









Vision Writing


Vision Write

Even when I’m not writing, I vision write, or daydream and dream. I see things in my head play out in my dreams day or night. They come in forms of really dramatic movie clips inside my head or if I’m sleeping, they are longer drawn out dramatic clips.
I love learning about anything and everything which is why I have weird ‘visions’. I’m like a sponge that absorbs everything and have constant questions running through my head, which is why my friends call me random because one will just come spitting out at awkward times.
Now when my birthday was around the corner I became (and still am) a little sugar hopped excited on astrology signs. Not overtly so, I don’t obsess over each daily horoscope. I read my horoscope and I take it as a little boost to remind myself to have a good day and I liked reading about my sign. And for fun one day I looked up compatibility signs and then tried to match them to my crushes.
So then this thought of what if people shaped their life around this compatibility, like obsessively, swirled around in my head for some time.
Walking through the mall one day gave me time to wander, to daydream. One thing that gave me pause was that I was wearing a Pisces shirt, proudly displaying my sign. Then that thought from before twisted in an entirely different situation. What if someone saw I was their sign compatibility not just any person, a crazy psychotic person, would I get kidnapped? Bundled and stuffed in the back of the infamous white van? What if I wasn’t their match? What if this crazy, psychotic person despised my sign?
That was all it took and my vision took off and here’s what I saw:

Don’t be fooled by a sudden new interest, Leo. We all may wish for love at first sight but today is not one of those times. Get rid of this attraction or be prepared to reap what you sow.

The radio played softly adding to the hum of the ceiling fan. Even with all the windows cracked open upstairs heat and dust still permeated the basement. The newspaper in his hands crinkled as he reread the predication. He shook his head, rolled his shoulders back then studied the article again.
“Four stars. I’m destined to have a good day.” A smile cracked the nearly healed busted lip.
“Compatibility signs.” He sighed and settled back in his chair.
“Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra.” He slammed his fist onto the desk and threw the paper down. A whimper rose from in front of him. His head shot up and his fist tightened as he looked over the bound girl in the corner.
Big doe eyes, cherub facial features. Small, delicate, dainty. Weak. “That’s why we don’t get along.” He told her sitting straight in the chair.
“You’re a Pisces.” He picked up the knife and watched her eyes grow bigger.


I think I surprised myself with this scene that played through my head. Do you ever vision write?