She Fans the Flames


Flame Girl. Poolski.  Flickr.

She never thought fire would be a part of her body.

She thought it would surely die out next to the many waters of her soul.

But lately, the embodiment of fire has shown up again and again.

Its symbolism matches with the words whispered within.


Transformation.  Rebirth.  Reemergence.


With its beautiful golden rays of color,

the Phoenix finally makes its presence known.

Behind it, a fire breathes clinging to her very colorful spiritual sky.


The Phoenix births and dies by the inferno and now looks to her, expecting the same.

Knowledge, passion, and dreams sparkle into its eyes.

It knows it is needed right now.

She pats the great white bear at her side as she approaches, with caution, the great bird on her path


Anticipation and trepidation make themselves known to her as she thinks on lessons this firebird plans to share with her.

Lessons that she was drowning and struggling to stay afloat through.

But she was familiar with the flames on her path.

Burned a couple bridges.

Became the flame and scorched others with her words and actions.


You must learn to control the fire, and use it wisely.


She nods.  With the Phoenix’s help, she would succeed this time and listen carefully to its wisdom.


She thanks the animal and with arms open she embraces the phoenix as apart of her.

It runs straight to her and when they collide it disappears within leaving behind sparks of fire.

Along with her other spiritual guides,

it will soon bore its mark onto her skin.



Quanisha A. McGruder

A Peek Inside…Life & Art

A Peek Inside

Want another walk through the way my mind works?  Want another peek into Kerli’s?

I think life is art in general… not just what you make but how you dress, what your space looks like, how you cook food, how you treat people, etc. It’s nice to do great art, but the ultimate goal is to be great art.

I genuinely love the way she doesn’t separate from the spirit from Art.  Mind. Body.  Heart.  Soul. You need all four and they all interconnect with everything in your life.

I also love the part in the interview where she talks about her move to the woods and rebirth because I’ve been having the word TRANSFORM grace my life lately.  I see similarities between those two words.    You grow and you also leave behind/shed layers every single day.

I never tire of taking a peek into Kerli’s mind, it opens my own.  I continue to believe in the magic of this world and she continues to prove it’s existence.

Read the rest of this creative soul infusion HERE.



Quanisha A. McGruder