Catching up the Madness Family


Flickr. The Shadow Man.  By Derek Hatfleld.

Good Morning and

Welcome to the Embrace the Viktor.

Ah, I can feel the nudge from the dear scribe.

Does she not appreciate a little humor? *Tsk, tsk*

Our Scribe has been in a mood.

And I know what you’re thinking,

“She did just get her heart ripped out and bested by one of her creations while you watched.”

Yes, yes,

I know.

After you readers left, I had a talk with Mrs. Queen of Hearts

Did you think I would just let our sweet Scribe be hurt and at least not ask what the ramifications were?

I mean I did have a contract for October Madness 2016 that I did not want ruined by one character’s anger.

But the Queen is interesting and I feel will spice things up.

What she wants is an inside look at the inner emotional working of our Scribe

Using what was in her heart to bring Love back.

The Queen didn’t tell me when this will be but she will be using Muse to push Scribe to do her bidding.

And yes that pesky Muse is conscious again.

But digressing from that and back to my blog,

Our Scribe wants new content then lets do it.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I will not tell you yet except one.

I have the inkling to do some digging in other Scribes mind’s

We will be delving in the minds of other Scribes around the world and on different journey in their own Creativity Forest.

I have one in mind,

this Scribe’s second book will be releasing soon.

We will be in the midst of the excitement.

Cool, I know.

Our scribe will be keeping a careful eye on me

Even though I was not responsible for her heart being tampered with.

She will be here now and again with I’m sure her Peek’s Inside

And keeping you update with her Precious creation, The Foretold.

I have to go now, I have much work to do.



Don’t remember the Queen, check out her rude awakening here


Behind the Madness


Flickr.  Phonar Task.  By Amber Nicholls and Daisy Ware-Jarrett.

“Who knew your neck of the woods was so bright. Alright, you’ve called me here for a reason?”

I gazed up at the speaker with a raised brow. He brought darkness to my sunny Creativity Forest; the colorful butterflies that flew around my throne didn’t get close to him. I still couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t see the features on his face. He was a shadowed creature of mystery.

“Viktor, how nice of you to finally join us.” Muse bells voice rang with annoyance. I could feel her temper.

She stood by the right side of my throne finally still after she had been pacing before his arrival. She was so annoyed, her own pink hair swishing on her arms as she paced became a problem. So, she had braided her pink and white streaked hair and crowned it around her head.

I’ve never seen her so angry. Although, I’m sure she’s gotten frustrated with my sporadic tendencies to show up to write.

With Viktor, she was not happy she could not control him as she did the other character spirits here.

Through the shadows, I could see the whiteness of his fangs as he smirked at Muse. I caught Muse’s sparkling hand before she lunged and patted it. Now wasn’t the time. Viktor turned towards me and inclined his head.

Accept my apologies Ms. Scribe, I was tending to the blog.

I nodded and dismissed the power plays between the two, I didn’t care. As long as he was here now. I motioned for both to have a seat when the two plush chair appeared.

“I bought you both here because it’s some things I want to discuss.” I snapped my fingers.

Paper floated around me. Files appeared on the ground coated in sparkling glitter.

“These are compiled from Embrace The Madness; both published and drafted posts”

“We have multiple things that I would like to finish also want to bring some new content to the blog.”

I motioned to the floating pages.

“I want to bring in better content but I also feel like I’ve abandoned my other responsibility.” I got up, smoothed down my pink blouse and black slacks, and began walking forward.

We walked together to the clearing before us and the floating doors. It didn’t take us long to reach the door I wanted. I felt the pulse in my bones. I needed to complete this.

Cold rainbow mists flowed from the double doors. Magic glittered from each end of the doors. I caressed the panel that had a shadowed version of the Fates inscribed into it.


I tapped on the door.

“I’m ready to get back inside and clean it up.”

“I feel torn between the two and spreading focus between the blog and this novella, but I know that this is of great importance for me to finish.” I saw Muse nod beside me and Viktor tilted his head.

“With that thought in mind, I need help from you both. Viktor I’m giving you free rein on the blog. Keep the ideas simple, doable, and exciting.” I handed him a black skull key with a red ribbon around it. Well tried to hand it to him. Once my hand encountered the shadows the key rose from my grasp then disappeared.

I paused before continuing.

“Muse and I will pop in every now and then, to help and work but I will also be focusing on The Foretold and since both of you have a way with the character spirits here I also have another job for you both.”

“I need help researching and getting the character’s to speak up.”

“Muse send me their dreams. Send me the thoughts as I open myself back up these characters. I have many notes written in various journals, I need your help finding these.”

She nodded.

Viktor the All-Knowing research on these factions will become your second focus.”

“Muse can definitely help you out and point you in the right directions. We are a team. We need to be a team.”

I first held Viktor’s shadowed face with a stern look. I didn’t know what he felt about these orders and I hoped to give him free rein that didn’t backfire on me. I gentled my expression before I turned to Muse.

The second I took my eyes off Viktor all hell broke loose. 

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Her Heart

KK Feral hearts

I recently heard Kerli’s new creation, Feral Hearts, and the song…is…amazing.  Kerli has created a wonderfully beautiful and emotional song that the word Love can’t describe how much I feel for it.

It evoked the emotion deep inside and of course, the Queen of Hearts soaked in the emotions and capitalized on what lay deep inside me and introduced me to a new character spirit after Muse had me dancing in my room at midnight.

It inspired this piece below, I hope you enjoy.


The magic of their deaths flowed through her shaky hands into her unwilling body. The power cascaded with her own family magic, she had never felt anything like it. This is what others fought against her and family to acquire. This power she was sure, she was positive, would never fade or be taken away.

She was sure, she was positive that she would not be responsible for the way some of her family lay surrounding her with empty cold eyes. But here she was. Tears fell from her once happy eyes. She raised her head to the night sky and bellowed.

She never felt so powerful and dead at the same time. Her heart squeezed painfully inside her chest. Her stomach clenched and her mouth watered. She felt like she had to puke but she swallowed it back. She couldn’t risk compromising the sacred ground.

She rested her hand on her forehead and squeezed her temples.  She couldn’t believe she had to do this. The crushing guilt of having to be death’s dealer sent more tears. She placed down the bloody sword atop the carefully picked leaves from the forest before her.

She could still hear their screams of punishment and castigation through her ears. They judged so harshly. They turned their backs to her when already she felt like she was drowning.

She shook her head still in disbelief. She did not want this power. So she was giving it back. All of it.

She placed the final rose quartz candle around the leaves and the blade. She placed a couple drops of her blood on the candle and a piece of her dark hair that rested on the leaves. By just a thought, a flame appeared on the tip of her finger.

Without another thought, she lit the final candle.

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The Queen Awakens

Deep within the vacant snow covered forest, her carriage and horses awaits her fateful arrival.  The carriage sits atop a peak, ice clings to every inch of the golden and white tear drop.  The horses appear to be standing alert but they do not move nor breathe. Their jeweled headdress sparkles with the frozen crystal coating them.

Today though, the right horse gives movement.  His red eyes make erratic movements back and forth, searching.  He knows only she can unlock the whine that harbors deep between his ribs.  He also knows his patience will soon be reward.  So he searches the frozen world around him.

Long ago, snow and ice blanketed the forest taking the forest from sunny liveliness to freezing silence.  The only warning they received was a shot of lightening and roar of thunder.  Then she along with Love went into deathly hibernation.

But there is bite in the air now, there is anticipation.  The humidity spikes and soon fog begins to form.  Down below the peak, a small valley sits and inside the valley is a graveyard. The fog sweeps down where it starts to collect in the gravesite.

Once the magical fog touches the cryptic land, the ground starts to jostle.  Everything in the forest shakes and quakes down to Earth’s core, disturbing those who try to rest in peace.  The beautiful gravesite turns into smattering of broken vases and the many red and pink rose petals cover the area.

Only one thing remains undisturbed.  There is a glass sitting atop her tombstone.  Inside the glass there is a dead rose submerged in glittering water.  Through the quakes it remained steady on her tombstone.  Once the earthquakes cease, color started to build into the rose until it shines a deep red.

The forest pauses then up on the forest there is an explosion.  Soon following the explosion whines of horses boomerangs through the air.

Another rumble turns into another earthquake.  Except the quakes only effect the gravesite and seem to be coming deep down below.  The quakes are so violent it splits the earthy grave down the middle.

The quakes finish leaving a little gaping crack below her grave. Blood red claws reaches from the core of the earth out.  When her long nails pull at the earth at unnatural speeds it comes crumbling to dirt pieces and the crack grows.  As suddenly as the hands began, they stop leaving a globe shaped hole.

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