Her Heart…Grieves

“Sometimes the sun shines cold
The road is lonely as I walk alone
In the sky the clouds are racing fast
It’s becoming so cold outside

Time has come, time has come

All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
Faith is all we need

I know you’re good
But this don’t feel good right now
And I know you think
Of things I could never think about
It’s hard to count it all joy
Distracted by the noise
Just trying to make sense
Of all your promises
Sometimes I gotta stop
Remember that you’re God
And I am not

Keep my heart wrapped in chains

Cry in the rain

I don’t need it anyway

Release the pain

I’m just gonna need a name

Cry in the rain

Anything left you can take

Release the pain

As I stand in the rain of this cold day
Tears are the words when I cannot confess the pain
Time will heal
But I don’t want to feel

All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
Faith is all we need

We are one breath apart, my love
And I’ll be holding it in ’til we’re together
Hear me call your name
Just speak, speak to me, speak to me, speak

Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now”
Created by using lyrics from the songs below, I don’t own any of the words:

Her Heart…Moved


It echoed in the silence of the too still night awakening Her forcefully from her dream.

Surprised, she took a deep breath hoping to settle it.


Not now.

Not now.


She wasn’t ready.

As much as it liked to claim, it wasn’t ready either.


So she stuffed it back where it belonged.

Turned the lock and swallowed the key.


Not now.

Not yet.





Surface Dwellers

The title of this poem popped into my head during work and with further uncovering, I found the new song I’ve been absorbing has played a part in this too.  So enjoy and enjoy the music and inspiration for this below.


The surface is where we meet,

And I respect you for this gift, my dear surface dweller.

I can admit I find some comfort and relief finally coming up for some air.

The pressure of the ocean doesn’t feel so bad.



From this vantage, you don’t get to see my majestic and colorful mermaid tail.

Or the remnant of scars that tattoo my beautiful tail.

I have done a lot of work beneath the waves of the sea.



I don’t ask to show you the depths, where I spend most of my day.


Not anymore.


It’s not that I’m scared or afraid to show you.

We’ve just figured out you don’t know how to swim

Or you don’t remember how to sink.


To let go.

To release.


Panic and fear inflate your lungs every time I take you there,

Making you float on the surface unable to sink any lower.


So here we meet,

And I respect you, my dear surface dweller.

I value the time we spend together,

Friendly, laughing, and semi-connecting.


You are valuable.

You are accepted the way you are.

And I hope you respect me as well,


For I still believe and dream of swimming in the depths of the deep blue,

Alongside, the captive of my oceanic heart

Who may or may not be you.



Her Heart…Deceased


Today I quit on my heart,
And today I wished it was vice versa.

I was tired of all the lies it tried to feed me.
All the yearnings.
All the waterfall of emotion it brought to me.
All the Light it sought to remind me.

Today I didn’t want it.
Contrary to the popular song,
Today I stopped believing and forced the bleeding succubus to leave me the hell alone.

I catapulted into anger,
Said fuck it and embraced the fear.

And shut the whole system down.

I had too much to lose.
I don’t have much of understanding of necessary hurt.

Of human beings and our mistakes.

Maybe tomorrow would be different.




Quanisha A McGruder

Humanity Compromised


Your Humanity has been compromised.

Stop.  Think.

Look. Look!

Your Integrity has been challenged.


Find a mirror.  Hurry! Take 30 seconds. Look into your eyes.

Who are you?  Who do you want to be?

Remember who created you.


Quick! Act.  Don’t hide.  We all make mistakes.

It’s never too late to change.


Your Love is needed now.

Your Understanding is warranted.


Admit to the carelessness and callousness that you have not been aware of or running away from,


Show me your solution.


Pause.  Take a breath.  It’ll be okay.


Unity will one day bind us


Balance will one day be restored.


Torbakhopper.  Flickr.




Quanisha A. McGruder