PA: The Ghost Dimension

So I did it! I sat down and watched Paranormal Activity. I’m right now about more than halfway through.


Ah! This has to be one of the most irritatingly but I couldn’t stop watching.  My suspension of disbelief was not met or matched or even sought after.  Nope, I wasn’t buying anything…anything.

First thing Bloody Mary is not just some game you play as a child to find out who you’re going to marry like WTF! Maybe it’s me but I’ve never heard of that theory.

Also so that’s all the priest told you?  All that he advised huh?

And your child drew weird demonic symbols over her bed and you didn’t scrub them off even though you knew it was portal. Nope just left them there and went on with your day.

This is the most irritating movie ever.   I don’t know why I’ve waited until now to watch it.

*update: Just finished it and yeah I’m not impressed at all.





October Madness 2015

Thank You

I settle in deep in the cushions of my desk chair and thank God that this trip to visit my Wicked sister went well.  I hope you are still alive and not too scratched up from this ride through October Madness.

Whew, I feel like October went by so fast and now we are in November.  There has been a lot of blog posting and some you may have missed so here’s a list of all the blogs posted.

The Madness Calls: Will you answer?

Sweet, Sweet ReliefGoing off the prompt “That awkward moment when you are digging a hole to hide a body and you find another body.”

The Horror: A list of Horror/Thriller movies I would like to see.

Act Two- The Show Must Go On:  Are you still strapped in?

The Collector: The collector lives to tell her story but it comes with a price.

Wicked Sisters Adventures: We Wicked Sisters reunite.

Thank You, Mr. Craven: I thank one of the horror movie geniuses

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Be grateful for what you have.

Happy Creepy Halloween: Happy Day of Magic and Thrills

They Inspire: Pictures that helped create this mad, mad world

They Move Me: Inspirations from music that moved me.

We Welcome You- Part One: Finally you enter our world

In the next few weeks keep a look out on Part two and three of We Welcome You, we still have some surprises up our sleeves.

Thank you for sticking by our sides and reading and engaging in the Madness.

Next year will be bigger and better.  We hope to see you next year it’ll be B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own Bodies.



Quanisha A. McGruder

We Welcome You Part One…

Welcome to the Madness family, we hope that you find your time here enjoyable, deadly, and quite lovely.  Today on the day of Magic we hope that you get home safely tonight, we really would love to see you next year.  Part Two and Three will be posted in the coming weeks.

Happy Halloween!



Get up.

Time to play.

Wake up!

Time to start your night.

I am pushed out of my colorful dreams and into my dark room.  Everything is quiet except the sounds of the fan filling my space with cold air.  I search the soft bed under me.  First, I find my glasses and slip them on.  Second, I find my phone.

“Muse, really?” I complain pulling away from the blinding light.  Midnight, on the dot.  And she wants me up?

No, I am the boss.  This can wait.  I jerk my glasses off, throw my phone and close my eyes.

No sooner that my eyes shut, bright lights appear and suddenly visions pass over my closed lids.  Visions of a fire; definitely not my previous dream.  Angry, hot flames surround me.  The red and yellow bright flames lick up high to the sky where I don’t see anything else.  The smell of burning trees sweeps down my throat.  After that, I stop trying to catch my breath.  Sweat clings to my body; I feel like I’m in a sauna.

Then the vision switches and immediately I feel cooler and wet.  I look around and notice that I am encased by a sea. My curls float all around me like a shadow.  The light from the sun recedes as I am pushed deeper into the dark blue ocean.  My lungs seize together and I don’t take in a breath.  I’m sinking.  Fear and sadness arrive with loving hugs around my cold body.

Like weights, I start to sink faster.

Panic seizes my breath and I began choking as the cool liquid starts filling my lungs.   Just when I think I’m about to pass out, I see a glimmer of pink hair.  Bright, big, blue eyes swim in front of my face and her caramel colored hand grabs me.  Muse.  I hold on tightly to her hand.  Like a lifejacket, she wraps herself around me and we begin floating to the top.  My eyes slip shut and I try to regain my calm.

Almost there.  Her melodic voice whispers in my mind.

Open your eyes.  She laughs and it sounds like jolly bells.

I flash open my eyes and collapse at the sight.  I notice that I am safe and back in my room.  My lungs burn screaming for air.  I finally take in several breaths.

Get up!

We have work to do.

She needs you.

“Fine!” I sit up, fling my sheets off of me, and make my way to my computer.  Empathy for this character makes me dismiss my annoyance.

Once there I grab my headphones and get ready to recede from reality.  I take a long deep breath of air and hold it into my lungs.  A few seconds past before I release the air.  I feel myself calming and my heart finds a steady rhythm to beat.  On the next inhale and exhale I notice the black top hat materialize on my keyboard.

I fit the top hat onto my head and my eyes slip shut.  I prepare myself to go deeper.  With a deep breath in I fall into myself.

Inhale.  Down the rabbit hole.

My stomach jumps and I feel like I’m plummeting fast.

Exhale. Into the Madhouse.

I land with a thud and take a second for my insides to catch up.  I tilt my head up before opening my eyes letting my first gaze be of the canopy of trees and the colorful cloudy sky.   Deep in the distance, a wolf howls, greeting the moon as dusk begins to fall.   A chorus of loving howls soon fills the expanse of the forest like music to my ears.  I’m back! I smile and stare at the purple pink sky with an appreciation for this mad, mad world I have been gifted.

I take a deep breath of fresh dreamy air, unfolding my legs from under me.  My feet collides with the leaves that rest on the forest floor and the sound of crunching leaves makes me laugh.  I run my hands down the golden arms of my throne I now sit on.  The royal blue cushions  dip and the chair squeaks as I start to make myself comfortable.

My throne is situated at the beginning of a forest clearing.  On either side of me, there are dirt pathways that lead me a little deeper into this mad, mad world and more branch off from those pathways.  I have only explored a few.

Before me, the clearing expands and is the heart of this Madness.  Doors float a few feet off the ground throughout the expansive greenery.   There are about ten doors, some closer to me others far in the distance.   All wooden but each with their own individual designs crafted into them.

The closest one to me is a large double door. One the left side paneling sits the carving of the Fates from the Greek Mythology.  The right paneling carving is a lightning bolt.  Ice clings on the top of the doors.

This is the doorway to The Foretold.  A world almost complete.  A story of great precedence in my creative Madness from the other doors here.

In between the ten doorways, a stream runs where it continues on through a big wrought iron gate.  The gates separate this world from my creative subconscious where lost creative spirits roam.

I sit back and take a deep breath.  I’m back!  I think again.  I am sleepy no more and I can feel the excited waves crashing through me.  Who will muse bring back this time?  I adjust my hat and settle deeper into the cushions.  My nails tap out a song that’s been stuck in my head.

“Let me see you move your bodies.” I sing softly to myself.

The sound of a sword cutting through the wind is the only warning I receive before it whizzes above me and embeds the tree behind.  I take my wide eyes off the jeweled sword when footsteps rush towards me.  A man, a very tall man, comes barreling through the trees from the pathway to the right.  Golden brown armor attaches to him at all sides of his massive body.  Long dirty blonde hair frames his tan face.

I watch as he quickly makes his way to me.  His blue eyes capture mine for a minute and then he nods in my direction before he reaches over me and tears the sword from the tree.  He swings back around, his body poised for attack.  I place my feet up under me and my heartbeat kicks up a notch or two.  My eyes switch back to the warrior and to the forest where he catapulted from and back again as we both await the pursuer.

The rush of adrenaline makes my lips extend into a smile.  I grow to expect their different ways of welcoming me back.  Suddenly another male just as tall enters my line of vision through the trees.  He wears a similar armor as the warrior next to me.  His skin is a deep chocolate and his eyes shine amber.  He smiles.  A smile that is sure to charm anyone with a pulse and when he winks at me I nearly slip from the chair.

His face becomes impassive when he locks onto the other warrior, now in front of me.  The beads on warrior two’s dreadlocks clack together which each calculated step into the clearing.  I can see he holds his own sword and ready for war.  The blue-eyed warrior steps closer to him and gives me some much-needed breathing room.

There’s a breath of silence before the battle begins.  The skill at which they both battle with their swords is amazing.  I can’t tear my eyes away.  I flinch at the sound of their swords clanging together as my eyes track every single movement.  My blood rushes to my tense muscles and I remind myself to breathe.  Who will win?  What’s going to happen?

They push their swords toward one another vying for dominance.  The anticipation kills me.  My fingernails clench into the plush throne.  I squeeze my lips shut not wanting to interrupt anyone’s concentration, although I feel the need to cheer both of them on.   I must admit I am jealous that they get to play with swords and I can only dream about doing this.  I can only ima-

My head whips left away from the battle and onto the vessel of trees to my left.  A familiar sound has my back straight I try to open my ears to the sounds of the world.  I could have sworn. Yes.  There it is again.  The sound of a drum.  It’s almost time!

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They Move Me…


If you know me you know my love of music is high on the list.  I think, dream, and live with music constantly.  My muse is no slacker and knows how to combine my two loves, writing and music, into one.

She made the music speak louder for this post and it shows in the post

One of the bands I clung to heavily was In This Moment:

They bring the mysterious, they bring in the dark, they bring in the thrill

Here are a few songs by them:

Other songs from different artist came into play as well:

Then Kerli of course bought the light, the love, and the magic:

This has been a peek into Madness.  We hope you enjoy us and our world.



Quanisha A. McGruder

They Inspire…

As the final blog post comes together for tonight I’d thought I’d show you around my inspirations.  I’m a very visual person and these images and my board on Pinterest inspires me everyday.

Here’s the images from my board called IMAGINE that is just for that creativity bucket:

Creepy fairy Imagine vamp

Now for this particiular post that’s to be posted I went more into my head with this board named EMBRACE THE MADNESS:

em lights Mad hatter

Inspiration for explaining what’s inside my head started as a world then twisted to an Alice in Wonderland slash Madness slash Imagination.  I started writing then went to look for images that helped me see this more.  I also pinned quotes that made this world more concrete in my mind and inspired me to delve into.

One more post to go that explains the auditory part that played a role in tonight’s post that I hope you will love.



Quanisha A. McGruder