The World of Innocence

Hello again family of Madness,

On June 1st Innocence was born.


It’s Scribe and creator, Franny Marie has worked hard to create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery with the blurb below:

Nineteen year old Leanne is a sweet girl that grew up without her father. After her mother dies when she’s thirteen, her older brother raises her. Despite being overprotective, Collin allows Leanne a moment of freedom to party with her friends.

Innocence. It’s precious beyond words, but so easily lost.

A night of fun turns into a nightmare when she is kidnapped by a local gang. Thrown into a living hell, she’s forced to question her life as the gang threatens to rip open old wounds.

Will her life be taken over forever, or can she find her way back to innocence?

Click to read one lovely review of the book here

Our Scribe will be sure to pick up her copy so that we may enjoy a jump into another’s Scribe’s world.  Maybe we’ll convince Scribe Franny Marie to join us in the dungeon for an interview. Happy reading, we will speak soon.


Mission: The Foretold Novella, Update


Mission: First Draft, nearly completed.

So happy to report that THE FORETOLD is almost done (first draft).  I was supposed to have it finish so that I could use the CreateSpace code but I was told that you had to upload it early so they can approve it and I did not.

Anyway, I’m excited about finishing and can’t wait to finish the last few scenes.  Surprisingly it hasn’t been a long process compared to writing this and my other novels or longer works.

The difference in this novella and all my other long pieces of work is that I let myself have fun instead of letting my habit take over, (check out my blog post on Perfectionist & Writing).  And I found some awesome software to use.

Write or Die

I first started using Write or Die during Camp NaNoWriMo after someone mentioned it on one of the NaNoWriMo forums.  If you haven’t used it before, it’s an online site that gives you a space to write for a set time with a chosen word count goal.  The trick and twist with this little program is that there are punishments for not writing during the allotted time.  Depending on the difficulty you pick those punishments range from a flash red screen to an extreme of deleting letters every time you stop writing.  It’s great for staying on track, focus, and pushing yourself to just write.

If I had not found this site I probably would not have finished Camp NaNoWriMo.  I recommend it.

Another site I recommend is Scrivener another helpful writer program.


I got this using the code after winning NaNoWriMo, and at first I was skeptical in using it.  The reason I wanted to try it in the first place was because I knew it would keep me organized.  And it did.  This is what I’m currently using now to finish The Foretold novella.  I love it.

I have a habit of getting distracted and bored easily, drafting on Word worked but I got bored of looking at the same boring screen.  Scrivener makes me feel like I’m doing something new because I come to a new text page.  I also can work in full screen mode which keeps from getting distracted.

It is easy to navigate through my work with just a click of a button.

It feels big, a lot freer, and cleaner than having it all jumbled up on Word.   I found the program useful.

Fourth of July break starts Thursday so I’m hoping by the end of this week to have draft one of THE FOREOLD NOVELLA done and out of my hair.  I’m always looking for new ways to help my writing process, if you know any comment below.



The Foretold

Fantasy or Paranormal for me has been a genre that I have loved to read, watch, and talk about.  My favorite TV shows include Ghost Adventures, and when they used to show, Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, and Paranormal State.  My favorite movie that I can watch over and over again would be the Underworld series.

I can’t seem to write without having something magical happen or scary.  Unless I’m writing an action/adventure story.  Usually when I have to write something completely mundane or having to do with reality and real life problems I tend to become bored with it.

My writing ranges from Elementals (Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water) family trapped as slaves, teen witches and demons, to an army of mutant humans dubbed vampires.  Right now I’ve seem to join all the fantasy creatures that I like, fairies, witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, sirens, and so much more, into one world for this novella and short story collection I’ve named The Foretold.

This is the first world building story I’ve had to write.  I am new at world building so I researched a lot and relied on the NaNoWriMo forums to keep me on the right track.  This was the first I’ve built a map and had to do a lot of research and planning to make the territories and the creatures involved.

I didn’t do all of it at once, usually when I needed the information like who is the leader of the Dragon Kingdom or how many different muses are there, I would research then add it to my little document I’ve named the Crystalline Handbook.

The Foretold (both the novella and shorty collection) is centered on thirteen people or crystals who are chosen by the Fates to receive two foretelling visions.  Each crystal chosen will receive a part of one of the two visions.  One vision will have the solution to the portals between the two world, Earth and Crystalline, colliding.  The second vision will show the downfall if the two worlds collide.

Here’s a little synopsis that combines both the collection and novella together.

The portals between the human world of Earth and the magical world of Crystalline

Have been growing forcing the world to start to collide with each other

A problem to both sides needing a solution

On the night when the moon was at its fullest

The Fates chose thirteen members of thirteen factions of Crystals to come together

For a special Foretelling

Becoming The Foretold

Each would be given a part of two visions seen by the Fates

One vision showed the solution to the problem

Another showed the downfall of immortals and mankind after the collision of the two worlds

But on that night where the moon was shining so bright,

Something went amiss,

The chosen thirteen never made it back home,

And the Fates disappeared.

The fate of the two worlds hang in the minds of each Foretold

But first, they must be found,

And remember the visions that seem to have been blocked from their minds.

I swear I’ll have a better summary of this once it’s completed.  It’s still in the working stages and I can’t promise you that this summary won’t be changed or added to.  I’m having a lot of fun writing this and experimenting with different things, and researching.  Hoping the novella will be completed by this year and uploaded to Wattpad.  This is a peek into my Creative Madness.  What are you working on?

Quanisha A