Her Heart…Grieves

“Sometimes the sun shines cold
The road is lonely as I walk alone
In the sky the clouds are racing fast
It’s becoming so cold outside

Time has come, time has come

All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
Faith is all we need

I know you’re good
But this don’t feel good right now
And I know you think
Of things I could never think about
It’s hard to count it all joy
Distracted by the noise
Just trying to make sense
Of all your promises
Sometimes I gotta stop
Remember that you’re God
And I am not

Keep my heart wrapped in chains

Cry in the rain

I don’t need it anyway

Release the pain

I’m just gonna need a name

Cry in the rain

Anything left you can take

Release the pain

As I stand in the rain of this cold day
Tears are the words when I cannot confess the pain
Time will heal
But I don’t want to feel

All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
All we need is faith

Thy Will Be Done
Faith is all we need

We are one breath apart, my love
And I’ll be holding it in ’til we’re together
Hear me call your name
Just speak, speak to me, speak to me, speak

Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now and let it go
Cry now
Cry now”
Created by using lyrics from the songs below, I don’t own any of the words:

Madness Family HeadQuarters



Hey readers and Madness Family, long time no talk.

Today I’ve come to tell you about the Madness Family Headquarters aka my office space.

I’ve been binge watching Mr. Kate and a few of LaurDIY YouTube videos and I am psyched to decorate my apartment but the most important place is the office space.

A place where I can easily reach my Creativity Forest and can store things.  Also, I want room to grow because I have a lot of projects I want organized.

We have one whole wall and floor space to decorate and give it a Madness touch so this means Pinterest

I’m debating on replacing my desk if I do this is what I would desire:

If I can have this built this I would and have room I would try to make it smaller


And on this picture the first and last desk:desk2

I’m looking for a lot of compartments and space long ways and this as an office chairchair

But in Royal Blue.

Now since this will be a creative space the artwork will be the most important

Since this blog is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and fantasy I want some of those pieces:



I would love to find one that represents Muse and Viktor and then our spirit animals.

The headquarters will be an ongoing process that I plan to update you every once in a while something new occurs until then keep track with my Pinterest board dedicated to this

or this board:




The Satire of the Decade

Future kids:

Mom and son are in the kitchen. Mom is stirring ingredients for dinner. Son is flipping through his history book.
“Mom I was looking through the history book and it looks like it skipped four years.”
“Really honey, I don’t think so. That’s an accurate book.”
“Well, what happened to the president in 2017-2021?”
“I don’t know what you mean honey.  We didn’t have a president during that time.”
“What? Are you sure?”
“Positive that was one of the years we decided not to elect.  It was Barack then the next president was his wife Michelle and still is honey.”
“These pages look awfully thick maybe I missed a page.” *Boy begins pulling at the pages tearing them apart.*
“Honey, you can’t deface school property like that.”
*Ignores mother* “Look, mom, I think I found something. Two pages were stuck together.”
*Squints* “Who is Donald J Trump?”
*Silence.  Mother puts the bowl down and reaches into her apron. She walks over to her son closing the textbook.  She pulls at his chin until he is looking at her.  She raises what looks like a small ballpoint pen.  When she presses down on the pen it flashes a bright light and the son’s pupil dilate and he is unmoving as he goes into a trancelike state.*
“You will not remember Donald J. Trump. You will not ask again.  You will not want to know.  You will only remember that President Michelle came after Barack.” The mom removes the textbook and hides it in the drawer.  She resumes cooking counting slowly to ten.  At ten, the son jumps up and looks around wildly.
“Huh? Wha? What happened.”
“Quit fooling around.  Go get wash up, dinner is ready.”

Constricting The Muse and The Scribe

So now I’ve just learned what stops productivity for me. Deadlines.  Structure.  Condensing and making a plan for what I want to accomplish.  A very tight plan.

Which is weird because if you know me, you know I am have a plan for everything.  My days and nap times are scheduled.  I have a plan for each goal that I want to happen.

Except, my creativity.

With October Madness, I didn’t follow a plan or a tight plan.  I knew the concept that I wanted to accomplish.  I knew how I wanted to build and how I wanted the readers to feel.

But there was not a strict schedule on posting.  I would wake up one day and be like “I want to write a shorty.” then sit down and write one.

I would have fun just letting the creativity flow from me.

Now, I know this may not work for others.

But for me this is the easiest way to take the fear of perfectionistism (new word added from the Quanisha Dictionary.  You’re welcome.) and tell it to take a seat.

I’m not having stress by not posting on a particular day as I said and I can post things that will interest me thereby interesting you.

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in the Fire Starter Session Class and learning and growing with Life as usual.

But let’s start over and get Viktor back to his job.

He is not happy with me bailing.




Quanisha A. McGruder

P.S. Does this means I have commitment issues, huh…strange revelation .

Also I’ve watched A Trip to Unicorn Island and I love love it.  Want some spark into your hustle then I would watch it.


A Peek Inside…Life & Art

A Peek Inside

Want another walk through the way my mind works?  Want another peek into Kerli’s?

I think life is art in general… not just what you make but how you dress, what your space looks like, how you cook food, how you treat people, etc. It’s nice to do great art, but the ultimate goal is to be great art.

I genuinely love the way she doesn’t separate from the spirit from Art.  Mind. Body.  Heart.  Soul. You need all four and they all interconnect with everything in your life.

I also love the part in the interview where she talks about her move to the woods and rebirth because I’ve been having the word TRANSFORM grace my life lately.  I see similarities between those two words.    You grow and you also leave behind/shed layers every single day.

I never tire of taking a peek into Kerli’s mind, it opens my own.  I continue to believe in the magic of this world and she continues to prove it’s existence.

Read the rest of this creative soul infusion HERE.



Quanisha A. McGruder