Muse Warriors


I open my eyes and ears to people who know the value of hard work and positivity. I open myself up to those who spark creativity and acceptance of all parts of yourself.  I love opening my mind to others that inspire my creativity.

I’m gratefully filled with awesome people I choose to be around and others I choose to call my muses.  Here’s like four of the women I choose to focus my attention on and sink into their world.


  1. Kerli– of course, I’m sure in another blog I have talked about her a million and one times, and there will be a million more times, because I absolutely love her energy, music, videos, personality, and deep posts. She is one of my first creativity muse who is an awesome artist.

I.L.U, my blog signature, comes from her which means integrity, love, and unity as a mantra for her and embraced by her fans

.ilu kerli2

I relate and learn so much from her willingness to open up and embrace all sides of life.  She puts her heart, soul, and creativity in everything she makes and her songs that you feel whenever you hear them.ariel

  1. Ariel– I enjoy listening to songs from Icon for Hire and I love the messages in them. I also appreciate the time and effort she spends giving advice to others, spending time and also respect her work ethic.

Like Kerli she designs her own clothes and art, getting deep inside of her creativity that she shares with the world.   She has her own show called the REL Show that has great advice and tools to help you succeed in this crazy world.

  1. iiSuperwomanii– learned of her from a video and I love the hilarity of each of them. But more than that I respect her hustle and hard work she puts into everything.  The love and respect she has for everyone and how raw and vulnerable she can be.  I love watching her vlogs.

She is living her dreams and breaking down barriers and I love it!


  1. Danielle LaPorte– was introduced to her by Ariel and I can see why she recommended her. She inspires you to listen to your heart and soul and then get out there and accomplish your goals.  I bought her Desire Map book and am currently working my way through it.

Desire Map is a guide to creating goals with the soul:

Feeling good along the way doesn’t mean you don’t work your ass off to get what you want.  It means you joyously work your ass off….When you’re connected to the greater purpose of an intention-honoring the call of your heart, not just proving yourself- and there’s pleasure in the process, you can pull off some amazing feats.


I support each and every one of these brave, courageous and inspiring women and am so happy they choose to open themselves up in order to help, connect, and create.  I’ll never stop yearning to learn and to carve my world so that I may be able to live successfully and fulfill my dreams.

I hope to connect with others on a deeper level like these ladies have all done.


Quanisha A. McGruder

Musical Soul

Music is a gateway to my soul.
One of my first loves before writing was music. I’ve always had a music player from a cassette player, to a CD player, to MP3, to now an iPod, I always carry music everywhere I go.

I love searching for new songs and finding songs that just fit the beat of my heart and life. Currently, I purchased the new Demi Lovato album, DEMI, and loved every song on there. My favorite would be Two Pieces. The song has beautiful rhythm, lyrics, and vocals.
Favorite lyrics of this song:

We’re only lost children trying to find a friend,
Trying to find our way back home.

We don’t know where to go so I’ll just get lost again…
These dark clouds over me,
Rain down and roll away.

In hindsight, I noticed that all my favorite songs have something about Pieces in them. I love, LOVE, Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica ft. Lacey Strum. Absolutely in love with this song, I’m a suck for violins mixed with heavy guitars. I think the lyrics are what drew me closer to it.

Too late this is not the answer, I need to pack in.
I can’t pull your heart together with just my voice all alone.

If you would salvage some part of you that once knew love,
But I’m losing this and I’m losing you…

It’s too late, now to stop the process,
This was your choice, you let it in.
This double life you lead is eating you up from within.

I could quote the whole song because I hear those lyrics, hard. If that makes any sense.
Another song where I could quote the whole song is Pieces by Icon For Hire.

You’re so tired,
Trying to rewind the mess you’ve made of your own mind,
But the pieces won’t pick up themselves, you know.
You can fight just like you’ve been taught,
But it won’t undo the life you’ve got
Because the pieces won’t pick up themselves, you know.

You say you try your after something better,
It doesn’t show,
You’re still not put together.

I’m sure there’s some deep psychological answer as to why at this point in my life, these songs resonate loudest within me. And why Pieces are in all of them. I don’t know but I thought you’d enjoy the songs that are my light in the morning.

I love new music, what are you listening to?