Many Thanks

Shhh………….. calm the cries, calm the worries, calm the storm because we have not gone forever.

We have not forgotten you.

We have not forgotten The Welcome

But, we rested, restored,

and we will now resurface from time to time

To grace you with our lovely presence,

And fill your minds with many alluring and maybe dangerous things.

February will be the monthΒ our Queen of Hearts rises

With a band of new characters to feast on your Heart Strings.

Until then, we give thanks to you and yours

Eat well and good, love and share.

We promise to see you soon.


You haven’t forgotten Your Madness Family,

Have you?


Happy Thanks




Quanisha A. McGruder

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for the many worlds I get to live in by reading and or creating those worlds. Reading is so very important to my sanity. Right now on the hunt for The Darkest Touch by Gena Showalter, I miss my Lords of the Underworld family.

I’m thankful for the many many great songs I have had the privilege of listening to and absorbing every lyric. The Veronicas you are mine :).

I’m thankful for all the amazing movies that I got to watch and be taken on the craziest rides. MockingJay was the absolute best.

I’m thankful for the Love in my life and to be able to spread it to the people I care about. I’m thankful for a great and progressive loving relationship with God (my star teammate).

I’m thankful for the chance to grow, learn and immerse myself in the Arts and Magic of life. Forever changing to become the best I can be.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.