Interview Not with a Vampire

Well…well look who decided to drag herself back into the picture for abandoning me for days.  Thanks by the way.  All the hard work I spent waking her up for you to just leave and then come back and flip the tables on us.

As payback aka punishment Quanisha, you have been summoned to my interview dungeon.

Welcome to my dungeon my sweet scribe, let us start.  

Q: You did not tell me this was going to be a dungeon.  I think the spider webs are overkill. And would it kill you to light a few more torches.

And the rope-What? Don’t give me that look Viktor.  Okay, I’ll be quiet.

V: (clears throat)  I know that all Madness family will enjoy turning tables onto our scribe with some questions. The topic is over course Love, more specifically romance.

Q: Before we start, I have a few conditions.  *Tries to Slides paper*

Ahem if you could reach that paper.

V: What the hell is this? Do Not Ask List.  Oh, really smart and unfortunate but we will continue.

V: What do you look for in romance fiction?

Q: I’ve never been a typical romance reader. I stray away from reality romance and go for the mob boss or werewolf or con artist. Something with action.

V: I can tell from the creatures that reside here. What’s your favorite sub-genre of romance?

Q: Paranormal romance is actually a favorite of mine. 

V: Oh yes those pesky vampires that you love.  Favorite PR author?

Q: That’s a toughie but the first love has to go to Gena Showalter and her Lords of the Underworld series. Maddox and Aeron *swoon*

V: Don’t sway too hard Scribe, that chair is not made for wiggling. Favorite novel?

Q: I love Rivermarked by Patricia Briggs.  Mercy and Adam are the most loving kick ass couple. 

V: Do you consider yourself a romance writer? Why or why not?

Q: Lately. No. But I have been dabbling in a little romance here and there. I don’t feel the pull to that genre yet.

V: How difficult is this genre to write about? I ask because you’ve hidden away from our Queen as of late.

Q: Viktor the all knowing. Yes, it has been difficult writing about love because the emotions involved. I have to tap deep into my feelings box to do it. I am not as comfortable with that as most.

V: Ah, ha, interesting.  Hmm…Now for my final question.  Have you ever been in Love? 

What? Don’t give me that look.  

Q: You know why I’m giving you that look.

V: Ah to hell with that pesky Do Not Ask list.


V: Still not going to answer me…Fine.  I’ll shoot you one you’ll enjoy.  What romantic song are you listening to?

Q: Right now it’s been “Say You Love Me.” by Jessie Ware.

V: That’s what’s been running through the forest, I couldn’t quite put a name to it.  *Clap hands* Well done. This concludes your punishment.  I hope our readers enjoyed this.

Q: Thank you.  Now untie me Viktor before I write you into a romance fiction.

V: As if you could Ms. Scribe.


The Queen Awakens

Deep within the vacant snow covered forest, her carriage and horses awaits her fateful arrival.  The carriage sits atop a peak, ice clings to every inch of the golden and white tear drop.  The horses appear to be standing alert but they do not move nor breathe. Their jeweled headdress sparkles with the frozen crystal coating them.

Today though, the right horse gives movement.  His red eyes make erratic movements back and forth, searching.  He knows only she can unlock the whine that harbors deep between his ribs.  He also knows his patience will soon be reward.  So he searches the frozen world around him.

Long ago, snow and ice blanketed the forest taking the forest from sunny liveliness to freezing silence.  The only warning they received was a shot of lightening and roar of thunder.  Then she along with Love went into deathly hibernation.

But there is bite in the air now, there is anticipation.  The humidity spikes and soon fog begins to form.  Down below the peak, a small valley sits and inside the valley is a graveyard. The fog sweeps down where it starts to collect in the gravesite.

Once the magical fog touches the cryptic land, the ground starts to jostle.  Everything in the forest shakes and quakes down to Earth’s core, disturbing those who try to rest in peace.  The beautiful gravesite turns into smattering of broken vases and the many red and pink rose petals cover the area.

Only one thing remains undisturbed.  There is a glass sitting atop her tombstone.  Inside the glass there is a dead rose submerged in glittering water.  Through the quakes it remained steady on her tombstone.  Once the earthquakes cease, color started to build into the rose until it shines a deep red.

The forest pauses then up on the forest there is an explosion.  Soon following the explosion whines of horses boomerangs through the air.

Another rumble turns into another earthquake.  Except the quakes only effect the gravesite and seem to be coming deep down below.  The quakes are so violent it splits the earthy grave down the middle.

The quakes finish leaving a little gaping crack below her grave. Blood red claws reaches from the core of the earth out.  When her long nails pull at the earth at unnatural speeds it comes crumbling to dirt pieces and the crack grows.  As suddenly as the hands began, they stop leaving a globe shaped hole.

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Her Slumber Ends


Good afternoon, remember me?

I am the one that took you through the ride of October Madness and returned to you for Many Thanks and our lovely Christmas Carols.

Who am I?

You may call me Viktor the narrator,

better yet, Viktor the All Knowing.

and no, I am not a vampire.

I’m much more than that


I do have fangs.

My species of creatures, we do not have a name.


I’m sure one day Quanisha or that annoying Muse will finally get the answers they poke at me with.

Or not.

Whether they like it or not I am not a product of Quanisha’s creation.  I am not a character spirit.

Many of Earth’s society cannot hold in their minuscule brains how much we have to offer so we don’t reveal ourselves to many.

The only reason I’ve shown enough of myself to Quanisha is because the interest grows with this Mad world she created.

I have chosen to Embrace the Madness for now.

Now enough about me,

I have some things to tell you from the creator herself

These stories are to be posted Monday and Thursday the first week then Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of the following weeks in February.  I don’t know why she told me that.

The stories will be posted twice a week the first week then three times a week the following weeks.

Unless something drastic occurs.

These days you will be gifted with myself and our special guest as gracious hosts.

Quanisha will be taking over the other days of the week and her FACEBOOK to gift you with a couple romance/love posts and discussions.

The theme of this month is of course Love,

The reason I am here.

And that brings us to our special guest,

I am here to introduce you to the infamous and famous Queen of Hearts.

I have decided her slumber ends now,

As to why she is hibernating, well, that’s another story for a different time.

So I hope you enjoy her.

She’s bound to shake up some worlds around her; returning the favor I suppose.

Well let’s wake her up shall we?

Be looking for her post in a few hours….

If Love Returns…

Love only stays down for so long…Is love really dead?

If Love comes back, she will be it’s master.  Love travels through hell to get to heaven with the help of her. If you ache for Love, you must prepare for her.

The Queen of Hearts knows that Love comes in all shapes and forms and in many unexpected events.

And the Queen of Hearts shows no mercy.

Count your blessings and swallow the key to the locked doors of your soul. When the time is right, she will come; the question is, are you ready?





Quanisha A. McGruder

Many Thanks

Shhh………….. calm the cries, calm the worries, calm the storm because we have not gone forever.

We have not forgotten you.

We have not forgotten The Welcome

But, we rested, restored,

and we will now resurface from time to time

To grace you with our lovely presence,

And fill your minds with many alluring and maybe dangerous things.

February will be the month our Queen of Hearts rises

With a band of new characters to feast on your Heart Strings.

Until then, we give thanks to you and yours

Eat well and good, love and share.

We promise to see you soon.


You haven’t forgotten Your Madness Family,

Have you?


Happy Thanks




Quanisha A. McGruder