Madness Family HeadQuarters



Hey readers and Madness Family, long time no talk.

Today I’ve come to tell you about the Madness Family Headquarters aka my office space.

I’ve been binge watching Mr. Kate and a few of LaurDIY YouTube videos and I am psyched to decorate my apartment but the most important place is the office space.

A place where I can easily reach my Creativity Forest and can store things.  Also, I want room to grow because I have a lot of projects I want organized.

We have one whole wall and floor space to decorate and give it a Madness touch so this means Pinterest

I’m debating on replacing my desk if I do this is what I would desire:

If I can have this built this I would and have room I would try to make it smaller


And on this picture the first and last desk:desk2

I’m looking for a lot of compartments and space long ways and this as an office chairchair

But in Royal Blue.

Now since this will be a creative space the artwork will be the most important

Since this blog is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and fantasy I want some of those pieces:



I would love to find one that represents Muse and Viktor and then our spirit animals.

The headquarters will be an ongoing process that I plan to update you every once in a while something new occurs until then keep track with my Pinterest board dedicated to this

or this board:




A Peek Inside…The Crescent Manor

BEWARE immense inspiration for the creative inside all of us.

I watched this video in awe and inspired by Kerli and her friend Roniit have created an amazing home by using things from trash and making DIY things to make a house of fantasy dreams.

As a creative this breathes life into me.  I would love to build a creative place of my own where I could either live in or just go to.  My dream wheels are turning.




Quanisha A. McGruder.

31 Days…Day Twelve

31 dayz orignal

Day 12: Find 10 random words and create your own definitions.

I chose some words that popped in my head and one’s that I really like.

  1. Writer- A person who believes in their imagination.  A creator of beautiful unheard of worlds.  An illusionist.  A kid at heart.  An artist.
  2. Dreams- Subconscious desires of the heart and/or gas of the imagination.
  3. Peace- A feeling of calmness in the midst of chaos.  An untapped place inside the heart, mind, and soul that helps center yourself.
  4. Dreamer- A person who connects well outside the realm of society.  A person who inhabits their inner mind, hopes, and desires.  Sometimes seen floating on clouds.
  5. Love- Something that’s everywhere waiting for you.  Something that can be created from inside and fill the entire world.
  6. Music- Where some of the heart of humanity lies.  The first and best therapist, sometimes called one of the spiritual guides.
  7. Books- A journey disguised as a small paper filled with wonderful words.  A time capsule.  A portal of wonderment.
  8. Soul/Spirit- You inner being that feeds off and brings out what you put in it.  Drives you to become the best, or worst depending how it’s fed, in you.
  9. Meditation- A moment of calmness to get in touch with your Soul.  A place where you can finally hear you heart, mind, and soul come together as one.
  10. Butterfly- A symbol of many symbols.  A symbol of freedom; beauty; acceptance; maturity.


Thanks for taking a step into Quanisha Dictionary.




This weeks prompts:

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