Author Interview


I had the pleasure of doing my very first author interview with a good friend of mine. It was a lot of fun to do and I might make it a new feature on my blog. I love getting into the minds of authors to see what makes them click.

My first interview goes to Sci-fi author M. Sydnor Jr. who has multiple books published that tempts you to expand your mind to this new world he has built. Let’s get into it.

Author Interview

earth legend

Tell me about your current book?

Earth Legend is a book about soul-searching. William’s journey to the truth behind his newfound supernatural abilities while still searching for a purpose to his everyday life. The power he receives ultimately affects those around him; friends, family, bullies at school and really expands the story from his point of view to his friends and family. It’s full of action, adventure, drama, even romance with some history added in. The setting is in Los Leyendas, Ca (fictional city), a young city on the rise.

Did you know before writing this series, that is was to be in the Sci-Fi genre?

Most definitely, it is my favorite genre to read in books and watch on tv/in movies… I’ve always been told I had a weird and wild imagination… I wanted to put that to the test with Earth Legend.

 What makes this genre so special to you?

There is so much freedom with this genre (Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy). I believe it is the only genre that can remain loyal to its category with the addition of Drama or Romance or Horror. With this genre, you can create and write about anything and everything with no limits.

How long does it take for you write a book?

The outline, the writing, the editing — Earth Legend took about 18 months. Other projects – after the outline, before the writing begins, I usually give myself a deadline between 14 – 24 months.

What was your favorite chapter or scene to write in Earth Legend Series?

I had a lot of fun writing the Jerry and Missy scenes. There isn’t one particular scene with the two of them that stand out; all of them were great fun. Their relationship is extremely complex and from book one to book two, the intensity and tension increases.

Who is your favorite character, and why?

William is my favorite character. There is a lot of me in William; shy, quiet, laid back, corny, tall, athletic, he is a dreamer and is the heart of the Earth Legend Series. Without him, there is no story, there is no Earth Legend. He is the obvious choice, of course. Missy, the smart-mouthed red head, is a close second. Her tongue is super wicked and backs down from no one, not even her parents.

Describe the world you created in your book, using only five words?

An unpredictable world of chaos.

What is the most exciting part about writing the Earth Legend series?

The action scenes mentally drain me, because I put my all into the distinct powers and abilities that I give my characters. I try to impress myself and do things no one else has ever done. I get a lot of excitement from that. I have a bunch of cool superpower ideas up my sleeve.

What would you like the readers feel when they finish reading?

When they finish reading Earth Legend, I want them to crave for Earth Legend Red and so on from there. I want them to feel anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, fear. I want to stress the hell out of my readers after each chapter. I want them to be emotionally drained after each book.


Speed Round:

Pantser (no preplanning) or Plotter (outliner)?


Longhand or Shorthand writing?


E-book or Print?


Action or Romance?


Adult or Young Adult novels?

Young Adult

Second Favorite Genre?


Favorite Author?

M. Sydnor Jr. & Stephen King

Advice to new writers?

Write to please yourself and not others.


Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions!


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Wrapping Up 2013

New Years

Wrapping Up 2013

Musical Wise

This has been a good year for me as a music lover, reader, and writer.  I feel like this year was a year of change and rush.  It was a year of movement for me.

I am a big music lover and I have had the pleasure of being able to listen to some really great songs and albums this year.


Kerli’s release of Utopia- March 19th

This album was all that I was hoping for with Kerli and I loved the energy to it.  I still listen to it now and love the hope it has attached to it.  The Lucky Ones and Can’t Control the Kids were one of my favorite songs off the EP.

Next album I loved that released in May was Demi Lovato album DEMI.

Skylar Grey’s album, Don’t Look Down, was next released in July.  With these songs each hit at a different time in my life.  This was an amazing album.


Zendaya was an artist that I didn’t know what to expect but her album was all my dancing side needed.  September was so much fun with this playing in my ears.

I was looking forward to this album all year and when Icon for Hire finally released their self-titled album in October I was more than excited.  And boy do I love every song on here.

Icon For hIre album

Last but not least, I fell in love with Leona Lewis’s album.  Christmas with Love made me love Christmas a little more than I already did.  Every day in December was Christmas.

Also as a Christmas present, Kerli released a song for her fans called Stardust which is ever so pretty and lovely to listen to.


Music makes my soul happy and my life better.  Can’t wait for 2014 good musical vibes.  Already looking forward to some new songs from Within Temptation.

Wrapping up 2013

Writing Wise

Writing Wise this has been more of a life changing than writing changing phase.  I did make some progress writing wise, like deciding to finally do this blog.


I feel like midyear I fell into a stillness.  I didn’t write, I listened more, dreamed more, and read more.  This stillness steamed from avoidance from my writing and challenges outside of writing.  I came up with two more novel ideas and also decided to stretch my writing with a 31 Day Challenge during this time.  The purpose of the 31 Day Challenges was to break me back into writing slowly.  I intended to be faster at writing each challenge but I took my time, avoiding again.

It was adjustment phase as well that contributed to this stillness.  Adjustment of my energy levels, I was doing and dealing with a lot more things and projects that I energy took a nosedive.  So my energy went from writing daily during naptimes, on my breaks, and when I got home to wanting to just read, relax, or sleep during my lunch break and when I got home.

The only good thing with having different projects was that they were still creative projects.  I was still doing my hand in being creative just a different outlet.  And plus being a writer there is no break in your mind.  My thoughts were still circling and my dreams were still bringing me new ideas for novels that I hope to expand in the coming years.

Wrapping Up 2013

Reading Wise

Reading wise I wished I had time for the number of good books that I found this year but I did happen to read a lot.  I also found new authors to try and that’s always fun.

Here is my list of great books I happen to read in 2013:frost burned

  • Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
  • MacRieve by Kresley Cole
  • Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl
  • Breathless Series by Maya Banks
  • Inside out Series by Lisa Renee Jones
  • Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning
  • 1-3 One Night with Soul Regret Series by Olivia Cunning
  • Many of the Sweet Series by Maya Banks
  • Bad Girls Don’t Die Trilogy by Katie Alender
  • Four Play by Maya Banks
  • I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
  • Forbidden by Syrie James
  • How the Silver Lake Came to Be by Hiba Tahir
  • Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter


Like I said I wished I would have made myself read a lot more books in 2013 but there is still next year and I’m hoping to get back to the swing of things.  We still have the rest of today the last day of 2013 so I might be able to squeeze one more book in.  Right now I’m reading Fatal Tide by Lis Wiehl and Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks.

Wrapping Up 2013

Closing and Well Wishes


I always start my year off with a new quote or phrase that will keep me on track of my goals 2014 is Love thyself.

My Resolutions:

  • Read More
  • Write More
  • Finish my 31 Day Challenge
  • Better Sleeping Schedule
  • Do things NOW
  • Check with my Energy Levels and let go of things that I should not worry about
  • Make time for me
  • Breathe and Meditate more
  • Inspire and build myself up

2014 feels like a slow year for me and to me that’s exactly what I needed to get back on track.  I’m excited and ready for another year of reading, writing, and rocking out to music.

Thank you for reading, liking, and commenting on my blog, I really, really do appreciate it.  Here’s to another year of love, books, inspiration, experiences, blogging, and writing.  Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years.

See ya in 2014.

New years 2


Quanisha A. McGruder

31 Days…Day Two

31 dayz orignal

Day Two: Write a Fan fiction

Fan fictions are hard for me to let live outside of my imaginations.  I’m basically playing with someone else’s characters for a while, whom I think I know but don’t really.  It leads to lots of fan fictions written about the same world but so different.  Most of the times I tend to add a new character (whom I know) and have her interact with the characters alongside the main storyline or adding a continuation to the storyline.

For today’s prompt I chose to dive into a world that I’ve been jumping in and out of through my daydreams, The Fever Series and ICED.  This book recently was on my mind when the autographed books, SHADOWFEVER & ICED, made it into my welcoming hands.  So I thought why not?

If you haven’t read the FEVER series or ICED, I definitely recommend it.


If you have read it, this scene starts with a section from ICED, dialogue taken from the book that you might recognize then branches off.

Side note: Since this involves one of the nine that I don’t remember being properly described, I made it up.  And because this involves this particular scene and one of the nine, it is to be rated accordingly.

This won’t be a long dive into this world, but here’s a peek into my mind combined with a wonderful author’s world:

Know thy enemy, know thy self.

A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

-Sun Tzu


“You’re human.  Hormones will undermine you at every turn.  And you’re way too young to know shit about me.”

“I’m not too young to know anything.  I know you and the other dudes are all sex all the time.”

During her sentence I float closer knowing this to be a trivial time for the child and the creature before her disguised as a man.

“I saw those women-“

The red head stops but it is already too late.  I can feel the anger rolling off of the creature, Ryodan, and I want to take another step from my hideout behind the building.

“You’ve been on level four.” The harsh and cold sound of Ryodan, draws my attention.

I try not to react too intensely.  Through experiences and investigations, I found that they are able to sense me, even though I am in my celestial form.

“What’s level four?” She pretends but echoed my exact thoughts.

I know he won’t answer so I don’t stick around to find out.  I step back deeper into the alleyway of the building.  My feet touches the cool liquid and I am immersed with a sense of content.  Home.  My element.  It keeps me leveled and is mine to command.

Chester’s.  I think to the small pool.  The cool waters travels through my feet up into my whole body.  My eyes close as I hear the soft waves near my ear.

No sooner I feel my surroundings change.   When I open my eyes I take in the mighty Chester’s hidden in such an odd, old building.

It’s long nights of thorough investigating of Chester’s and its occupants that gets me through to level four.  There’s this long dark hallway before me and I slow my pace to a leisurely walk.  No sooner did I enter, did I hear panting.  Then moaning and groaning.  Trained well my heart doesn’t spike that is until I caught sight of the vision in front of me.

He makes me nervous. He makes me want, to desire.  Fade is a catalyst of sweet hard desire and fantasy.  He give you what you never thought you needed, or you’ve long since denied.

I usually avoid him in compromising times like this but tonight he has surprise on his side.  Fade, one of the nine, was the star of all my subconscious and day dreams. He is big and demanding but not in the way of Ryodan, who stubbornly controls everything and anything that breathes.

They all have scars, each of nine, except Jericho.  Fade, though, has scars some hidden by clothing, a fact I found out this second.  The shirt that Fade had on has been thrown several feet away and his pants are down by his ankles.  A blonde woman joins him clothed in some type of costume.

Indeed what the little red head, Dani, says is true.  All sex all the time.  He quickly tears her clothing.  I’m too entranced by his actions to leave so I find place that is hidden by shadows.

I run my fingers down my feverish skin.  My skin feels like melted chocolate.  I must do something with my hands before they find themselves running down his tanned tattooed body.  I do not understand this attraction to him, it goes beyond my interest in any of the other creature that make up the nine.

My breathing and heart beat spikes as he growls from behind the woman.  His back is faced away from me and I take my time ogling every move his many muscles make.  The sounds of sex fill the dark hallway and I am not as shamed as I should be. I feel no shame actually.  All I feel is need, and want.  I am a woman in need of fulfillment.

This is what he does to me, and what makes him so dangerous.  I don’t feel the shame I should feel from my reaction to this scene.  I should.  I should be spinning around and leaving.  I confirmed the information about Level four and I should be leaving.

Instead, I am yearning for something I can never have.  He is my enemy because he is a danger to me and my kind.  Because he and his kind are unknown in the power they hold, unlike the Fae.  I want him though, that cannot be denied to myself any longer.  But what I want and what I need are two different things.

Fade’s voice is all I hear in this hallway, the woman forgotten and blocked out.  I savor each and every groan he makes with my eyes closed and my head tilted back.  My skin feels oversensitive, even the feel of my black curly hair running over my arms makes me quake.

He’s close I can hear it in his breathing and moans.  Suddenly he roars loudly and my breath ceases then rapidly picks back up.  I open my eyes to see him stand up straight and pull up his pants.  Fade doesn’t spare the woman a look as he waits for her to dress.

He stiffens and I know I have made a mistake of getting too emotionally caught up.  He sniffs the air and before he can turn I make a hasty exit through the wall and out of Chester’s all together.  I run, until I am many feet away, fast; even jumping through water portals I can still hear the sound of pursuit.  The hairs on the back of my neck raise and goosebumps of fear break out all over me.

I don’t look back I don’t have to.  Looking back will only slow me down.  Calm down or die.  The thoughts sends a burst of cool misty air into my lungs.  Slowly I began to calm while running I jump and transport myself directly on a building above him.

His stops and sniffs the air but by then I have my emotions under control.  He walks and sniffs, then disappears.  I don’t wait around, I swiftly follow the sounds of water then dip into it.

“Home.  I want to go home.”  Seconds later I feel the water heed my command.


If you missed Day One make sure you check it out.

Here’s this week prompt:

1-7 Days of Magic