The World of Innocence

Hello again family of Madness,

On June 1st Innocence was born.


It’s Scribe and creator, Franny Marie has worked hard to create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery with the blurb below:

Nineteen year old Leanne is a sweet girl that grew up without her father. After her mother dies when she’s thirteen, her older brother raises her. Despite being overprotective, Collin allows Leanne a moment of freedom to party with her friends.

Innocence. It’s precious beyond words, but so easily lost.

A night of fun turns into a nightmare when she is kidnapped by a local gang. Thrown into a living hell, she’s forced to question her life as the gang threatens to rip open old wounds.

Will her life be taken over forever, or can she find her way back to innocence?

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Our Scribe will be sure to pick up her copy so that we may enjoy a jump into another’s Scribe’s world.  Maybe we’ll convince Scribe Franny Marie to join us in the dungeon for an interview. Happy reading, we will speak soon.


Author Interview


I had the pleasure of doing my very first author interview with a good friend of mine. It was a lot of fun to do and I might make it a new feature on my blog. I love getting into the minds of authors to see what makes them click.

My first interview goes to Sci-fi author M. Sydnor Jr. who has multiple books published that tempts you to expand your mind to this new world he has built. Let’s get into it.

Author Interview

earth legend

Tell me about your current book?

Earth Legend is a book about soul-searching. William’s journey to the truth behind his newfound supernatural abilities while still searching for a purpose to his everyday life. The power he receives ultimately affects those around him; friends, family, bullies at school and really expands the story from his point of view to his friends and family. It’s full of action, adventure, drama, even romance with some history added in. The setting is in Los Leyendas, Ca (fictional city), a young city on the rise.

Did you know before writing this series, that is was to be in the Sci-Fi genre?

Most definitely, it is my favorite genre to read in books and watch on tv/in movies… I’ve always been told I had a weird and wild imagination… I wanted to put that to the test with Earth Legend.

 What makes this genre so special to you?

There is so much freedom with this genre (Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy). I believe it is the only genre that can remain loyal to its category with the addition of Drama or Romance or Horror. With this genre, you can create and write about anything and everything with no limits.

How long does it take for you write a book?

The outline, the writing, the editing — Earth Legend took about 18 months. Other projects – after the outline, before the writing begins, I usually give myself a deadline between 14 – 24 months.

What was your favorite chapter or scene to write in Earth Legend Series?

I had a lot of fun writing the Jerry and Missy scenes. There isn’t one particular scene with the two of them that stand out; all of them were great fun. Their relationship is extremely complex and from book one to book two, the intensity and tension increases.

Who is your favorite character, and why?

William is my favorite character. There is a lot of me in William; shy, quiet, laid back, corny, tall, athletic, he is a dreamer and is the heart of the Earth Legend Series. Without him, there is no story, there is no Earth Legend. He is the obvious choice, of course. Missy, the smart-mouthed red head, is a close second. Her tongue is super wicked and backs down from no one, not even her parents.

Describe the world you created in your book, using only five words?

An unpredictable world of chaos.

What is the most exciting part about writing the Earth Legend series?

The action scenes mentally drain me, because I put my all into the distinct powers and abilities that I give my characters. I try to impress myself and do things no one else has ever done. I get a lot of excitement from that. I have a bunch of cool superpower ideas up my sleeve.

What would you like the readers feel when they finish reading?

When they finish reading Earth Legend, I want them to crave for Earth Legend Red and so on from there. I want them to feel anger, sadness, happiness, excitement, fear. I want to stress the hell out of my readers after each chapter. I want them to be emotionally drained after each book.


Speed Round:

Pantser (no preplanning) or Plotter (outliner)?


Longhand or Shorthand writing?


E-book or Print?


Action or Romance?


Adult or Young Adult novels?

Young Adult

Second Favorite Genre?


Favorite Author?

M. Sydnor Jr. & Stephen King

Advice to new writers?

Write to please yourself and not others.


Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions!


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