PA: The Ghost Dimension

So I did it! I sat down and watched Paranormal Activity. I’m right now about more than halfway through.


Ah! This has to be one of the most irritatingly but I couldn’t stop watching.  My suspension of disbelief was not met or matched or even sought after.  Nope, I wasn’t buying anything…anything.

First thing Bloody Mary is not just some game you play as a child to find out who you’re going to marry like WTF! Maybe it’s me but I’ve never heard of that theory.

Also so that’s all the priest told you?  All that he advised huh?

And your child drew weird demonic symbols over her bed and you didn’t scrub them off even though you knew it was portal. Nope just left them there and went on with your day.

This is the most irritating movie ever.   I don’t know why I’ve waited until now to watch it.

*update: Just finished it and yeah I’m not impressed at all.






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