Ouija: Origin of Evil.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a video posted for the new movie Ouija: Origin of Evil and I paused a bit, this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen videos about it. But what stopped me now, was the bolded phrase of a reviewer:

“Ranks alongside the Conjuring.”


And I paused, tilted my head to the side and frowned.  That is a pretty bold statement to put this movie in rival with the Conjuring.

I absolutely love The Conjuring one and two.  Best horror movie series in a long damn time of trying and failing.

So you say this movie, Ouija: Origin of Evil, will rank alongside the Conjuring…okay.  Then I expect it to be done.

I mean I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t really have a clue but seeing the preview of Ouija, I didn’t get the same feelings as the Conjuring preview.

One thing I did like was the plot. It’s a bit unique and a bit mind tinkering but I don’t hold much weight on this movie.

Here’s hoping it’s a good one.





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