Morning Scribbles- To Hell and Back

Woke up and was sent these words. I decided to ride the wave and see where they would lead me. And here we have a Morning Scribble,



The entrance to hell is not one of an easy ride.

I should know, I’ve been there twice trying to save her.

Just imagine this big water slide connected to a ball pit.

Except this ain’t water that’s melting off your earthly skin and it’s a bit stronger than acid.

And you don’t get a soft landing no, human bones ain’t never been that soft.

But I promised her “to hell and back”

If she was down here of her own violation I would’ve stopped the first time she ended up her.

I of course had other work to do, that I should’ve been doing, up in the heavens.

But no, they took her.

After I warned them.

They took her again.

I don’t much of these beings but I do know my words will not echo through these caves this time.

Please God forgive me.


Quanisha A. McGruder


Speak with Light.

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