I Seek You

I’m going to fall in love with my darkness tonight


Only when my eyes adjust to the dark around me, can I finally see how to fix what’s harmful.

So that I can transform the darker shadows into a healthy light.


The light cannot be forced

Cannot be pushed

Or coerced

Because the darkness will only hide until I am no longer shinning the spotlight on it.


So be still my heart and let down your guard.

We have much work to do.


I will walk hand in hand with the monsters that hide in my closet

And we will learn each other a little more.

I seek to understand how this monster came to be.


Are you really a monster?

Or a creature who craves comfort?

Are your frightening roars, really cries of help?

Do you seek to hurt because you’ve been hurt?

Were your needs not met?


Where did you come from?

And where do we meet in the middle?


I’ll make the first move.

“My name is Quanisha, and who may you be?”






Quanisha A. McGruder


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