October Madness 2015

Thank You

I settle in deep in the cushions of my desk chair and thank God that this trip to visit my Wicked sister went well.  I hope you are still alive and not too scratched up from this ride through October Madness.

Whew, I feel like October went by so fast and now we are in November.  There has been a lot of blog posting and some you may have missed so here’s a list of all the blogs posted.

The Madness Calls: Will you answer?

Sweet, Sweet ReliefGoing off the prompt “That awkward moment when you are digging a hole to hide a body and you find another body.”

The Horror: A list of Horror/Thriller movies I would like to see.

Act Two- The Show Must Go On:  Are you still strapped in?

The Collector: The collector lives to tell her story but it comes with a price.

Wicked Sisters Adventures: We Wicked Sisters reunite.

Thank You, Mr. Craven: I thank one of the horror movie geniuses

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Be grateful for what you have.

Happy Creepy Halloween: Happy Day of Magic and Thrills

They Inspire: Pictures that helped create this mad, mad world

They Move Me: Inspirations from music that moved me.

We Welcome You- Part One: Finally you enter our world

In the next few weeks keep a look out on Part two and three of We Welcome You, we still have some surprises up our sleeves.

Thank you for sticking by our sides and reading and engaging in the Madness.

Next year will be bigger and better.  We hope to see you next year it’ll be B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own Bodies.



Quanisha A. McGruder


Speak with Light.

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