Wicked Sisters Adventures


When I blew out the white candles I grabbed my red pen and checked off the last on my list.

I checked and rechecked my list before satisfied and made sure the cauldron of goodies (read deadly potions) was in the car.  New disguise in place I found myself on the road, ready to partake in the celebration of creepy.

Five hours on the road I was reunited with one of my sisters for an October Madness Adventures.  Our reuniting ritual turned a little deadly as we were welcomed by the enemy.  A couple of clever lines and fist, knives, and jaws were thrown around then we were off to complete our first goal.


Our first goal has been checked off by the meeting of this lovely lady here:


and Lovely she was.   She was so sweet, fun, and we learned a lot of information about her and her books.  Our favorite has been her Alien huntress series and The White Rabbit Chronicles.

We have read each book through these series and we love her dearly.  If you haven’t I suggest checking them out because they are freaking amazing!

Now she brought along very special people:

The Group

Kady Cross and Amy Lukavics were authors we had not read before this night.  Now that we have met them and got a glimpse inside their brains, we are more than ready to get lost inside their books and meet their characters.  Both seem to pass the horror test of films and knowledge of horror authors that I like as well.

We left with exhilaration in our hearts and lots of love for these women. This morning marks another day to explore the city and get into some more adventures before October ends!!


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