Sweet, Sweet Relief

Horror Prompt

Went to Pinterest and brought back another interesting prompt.

You ready?


That awkward moment when you are digging a hole to hide a body and you find another body.

I paused staring at the decomposing face. I scratch my head at a loss on who this was and why I didn’t remember putting it here.

“Ah well.” I pick the shovel up and place the dead back to rest.

Finished, I readjust the gloves on my hands before picking up the tattered bloody trunk. I take careful slow steps around my property. I take nineteen steps to the left now instead of the right. Nineteen exact steps. It had to be nineteen because this body was lucky number nineteen.

I had four more lucky bodies to go before the complete mind fuck of a movie The Number 23 would escape my brain. That bastard Walter should be glad he’s only a figment in creator’s imagination or he would be number 23. But that was a damn good movie.

Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. With a grunt, I released the heavy load and picked up the shovel. The ground underneath felt soft and moist from yesterday’s rain. This spot will do. I hoped no surprises lay buried beneath because I didn’t have much time to pick another spot before the missing reports started. I reared the shovel back and begin digging a hole. When I had the trunk buried, I smiled up at the cloudy morning sun.

Yeah, after the four maybe then I would be able to sleep. Killing was somewhat soothing. A release of energy. An end. A last sigh of relief.
It seemed to help after watching the movie Room 1408.




Quanisha A. McGruder


3 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Relief

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