A Peek Inside…KK

A Peek Inside

Want a peek into magic? One of my muses posted an interview with V Magazine talking about her process in creating musical art and I absolutely love this.

I really like her response on how taking a retreat into the woods inspired this album:

Musically, I think this is by far the most meaningful work I have ever done. I just feel so connected to it. I have always written and vocal-produced but now I’m also producing a lot of [the music] by myself, so that feels really good. At times I feel like a slave to this work, completely tortured, like giving birth to giants, toe by toe.
Sound-wise, I’ve been trying to channel everything that I see and hear in the woods, all the magical creatures and simmer it in a sauce made of my favorite ingredients like electronic, ambient and industrial music. I feel completely fearless and unapologetic as a human being right now when it comes to living exactly how I want and I think it will really show in the art I’m working on as well, lyrically, musically, and visually.

But what’s equally amazing is the pictures and the video that came with it.

Get ready to be entranced…

Read the rest of the interview and look at the dreamy pictures —> here

A peek inside is a new posting I’m starting to spread a little love and light and inspiration whenever I run across an inspiring interview.


Quanisha A. McGruder


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