Christmas Madness

I must really love holidays, or maybe it’s my muse who finds joy in them.  It seems like my muse jumps at the chance to nicely help, around a holiday. Ideas are flowing heavily and I’ve managed to catch on to a one and expand it. So in honor of the Christmas holidays coming up, I have decided what to gift to you and get my muse off my back.


Starting tomorrow, exactly five days away from Christmas, I will post a short, shorty (short story) about Christmases gone awry onto my Facebook page. I will also be linking another Christmas shorty on my page from a guest writer.

Deadly Fix Final

Why 5 Deadly Christmas Shorties? Somehow my muse let in the most devious, revengeful, and dangerous characters she could find and they have been whispering sweet nothings in my ear about their stories. I couldn’t ignore them. Literally, had no choice but to write them lest they turn their knives on me. So let the guts fly. Oh, and happy holidays.


Quanisha A. McGruder


Speak with Light.

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