How to prepare yourself to see/watch a Horror Movie.


1. Go in with the mindset that Horror movies are not real, even the ones “based on true events”. Most real paranormal events are not that bad and dramatic.

The real Annabelle story is different from the movie and for some reason I am grateful that it is.

2. Ask yourself does your fear outweigh your determination to go and see it through or excitement of going? If so, then do not go.
Not saying that you shouldn’t fear a horror movie, because a good horror movie is supposed to give you chills.

I’m scared when I go see a horror movie but I’m more curious, ready for the adrenaline rush, and excited to see all the ways they will scare me. Unlike rollarcosters, I do not like them. I fear them more than I care about any rush people supposedly get, so, I avoid them.

Too much fear in this aspect is a warning sign and an attraction of other negative energy. Like a sponge the second you get into the theater, you are bound to have an unhappy experience unless you change your outlook.

3. Place up a “shield” of protection yourself from all the fear circling around. Use affirmations
Think about learning something that you’ve never learned before like how not to run and hide underneath the bed when a killer is chasing you. Focus on the positive.

4. Pray. Pray before the movie, during the movie, when it ends, and before you go to bed. Pray for a release of fear and for your mind to stop reminding you of what you saw. Pray for good dreams. Prayer for me, always works.

5. Post-horror movie. What are you doing right after or what are you coming home to? If you are comfortable coming home alone at night and going straight to sleep then, you are a beast and I applaud you.

Personally, I cannot come home to an empty dark home right after, unless I can do something else to distract my mind like go eat at a brightly lit restaurant. Something where I’m so worn out that I don’t even have time to dream or think. Or pop in a comedy or drama or turn on Disney channel before you go to sleep, so a girl being dragged across the parking lot is not the last thing you have just watched.

Let’s all have a great positive and fun Halloween/October Madness people.



Speak with Light.

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