“Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time.  Fear is only in our minds, but its taking over all the time.”
Wise words evanescence.

I had bought a shirt from Hot Topic long ago of a Ouija board.  I had no qualms with the shirt, I wore it frequently and didn’t even think to be scared of it.  Now I’m no dummy with a death sentence, I know about Ouija boards and I would never in my life play one voluntary.

The Ouija board aka spirit board is to me, dangerous.  I have seen too many things that go against its use.  Especially using it as a device to talk to someone on the other side.  There are ways for demons to trick you as I learned from the shows and movies.

I was aware of these things but it wasn’t in my face all the time so I was moderately cautious, which is why I bought the shirt.  Now it’s in my face, the previews to the movie Ouija look so scary.

I am so excited to see it but also freaked out by the return of the dark side of the Ouija board.  For the first time yesterday, I hesitated before I placed on that shirt.  I ended up freaking myself out even as I placed the shirt on.  I’m ready Friday, ready to scream my head off and get my adrenaline pumping but maybe the shirt has got to go.


Learn more about the use of the Ouija board here.



Speak with Light.

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