31 Days…Day Thirteen & Fourteen

31 dayz orignal

I combined two days and Day 15 are all pretty short.

Day 13: Begin with “I thought I saw…”

Day 14: Randomly find someone in your yearbook.  Create a story about their life today.



I thought I saw Chris again today but I knew I was mistaken because he shouldn’t be here.  The last I heard of him he was going the army.  Not here, standing in front of me.  High school was the last time I saw him but if this was him…he looked the same just a bit bigger.  I tried to stand on my tippy toes to see over the man in line in front of me.

I hope it is him.  I think gripping the rail beside me.  We had chemistry, and didn’t end on a sour note.  Maybe…maybe something can come of this chance meeting.

Finally the line starts to move and he orders his latte.  Turn towards me.  I inwardly shout.

“Latte for…” The waiter pauses and looks at the cup.  My hearts beats faster.  Please! Please.

“For Chris?”

My heart stutters to a stop and I watch as he grabs the cup and turns towards me.  I beam at the familiar face.  To my pleasure he smiles back and makes his way towards me.  Thank you, God




This Week’s Prompts:

Wk 2 31 Days


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