31 Days… Day Nine

31 dayz orignal

Still catching up after being out of town since Friday but decided to do this day anyway since it was a pretty short prompt.  I’m working on combining the days I’m missing (Five-Eight) into one story.  Prepare to see it sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow).

But here’s Day Nine:

A story in 250 words or less about your favorite city.  I chose a state because I have not been in my favorite state to chose a favorite city yet.  Enjoy!

The mountain air breathes life into me.  It settles my nerves and gives me time to…just…live.

I stretch my arms outwards and scream into the blissful sunrise before me.  I scream nonsense, I scream words that my heart could not admit until now because now I am home.  I am in place that has surrounded me in the safety of its beauty and grace.  I am invited to feel the soft caresses of peace that the Colorado air evokes and demands.

I am an outsider but I don’t feel like one.  Deep down inside my soul has settled here before me, leading me to find my happy medium.



Catch up with Day One, Day Two, and Days Three and Four.

And remember to be on the look out for Day Five-Eight.

Get the whole list of 31 Days of Magic.

This Week’s Prompts: Wk 2 31 Days




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